Teens Rescued: Slow 911 Response Leads Family to Take Action

Part 5 of 2008 "Primetime": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.
4:44 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teens Rescued: Slow 911 Response Leads Family to Take Action
-- -- I don't I don't know how. You're hearing the frantic screams and -- she's been waiting for police to come rescue her fourteen year old niece. Who's now calling for help from inside this house. Only half after the first 911 call police -- yeah. Nowhere in sight. You know and we'll -- And yeah. I've got don't get can you give me. And I hung up the phone. And I told my preference that -- -- -- house she screamed for us with Kimberly in the backseat Carroll's father grabs a crowbar from his car and breaks the front window. Of the -- You want -- upstairs. -- and I want earnings behind him and he tackled. -- -- And my brother was beating him with what the -- and I -- in my knees and the window myself and they turned her -- -- went out. Out of the second story Patrick went -- who throughout the wooden -- They just -- -- -- on my uncle started you know fight and we can't. And my mom's side if I went on -- won the girls. It -- try to -- out of the bag he's not what we got out and grabbed. Then a neighbor calls to -- You know my dad to get a rebel rocket something I'd -- -- -- -- that -- did not immediately. Eric had blood and faith in his home. And two girls were pounding the big -- -- because hadn't -- If people have -- this man again. -- -- -- that had probably didn't know police did yeah. In addition to the families -- -- will be a total of three more calls to police by neighbors. But still no one comes to help. Then I saw my -- clearly there in lake lake. We're committed to me. She's -- -- in there and she gets in the back -- and we were in the car for about five minutes and then finally that you months. In fact after 7911. Calls the ambulance and ABC's affiliate WT VG. On the scene before any member of the Toledo police department. -- and spotted his daughter in the house and started tried to break into the house to recover his daughter. The father how -- individual -- probably did what any father would -- We Toledo police chief Mike -- Barr why in the world it took so long for police to respond. We answer -- a thousand calls for service every day. And sometimes we get there within seconds sometimes it takes several -- In fact it took nine. Where there voluntarily. Nobody we'll see. If I hadn't been. I -- she. And -- -- no word. -- and head. -- -- often do and hopefully that they believe. Just -- -- girls and Johnson. Were not part of when he -- brutal -- here they're working I want every week. Police also questioned -- Garrett Willoughby who at first claims to be -- clothing salesman as he knows -- homeless say you know small -- and you know. So -- finger friendly. Yet their friends -- but after an hour. -- yeah playing games. Okay -- is -- -- is OK I don't want to do you probably wouldn't have been charged with kidnapping two counts -- Okay to -- compelling prostitution. -- got to let them he had to let your miners. Who were staying here alone fifteen years old yeah. Yeah. Because they've been told him the border taken across state last and any -- of the white slavery. If you talk and -- long time and you. You might have thought so but that's not what happens who will be in the two prostitutes. Released on bail. With her kidnappers again free to roam the streets Kimberly feels frightened in danger and abandon. -- -- honestly I was really past NY 12 think you know coming so quiet lake. I -- -- you know fall off my cousin just feeling. You know how and you have to face the sound alone and it's not the -- time they'll see their tormentors.

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{"id":19153098,"title":"Teens Rescued: Slow 911 Response Leads Family to Take Action","duration":"4:44","description":"Part 5 of 2008 \"Primetime\": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.","url":"/Nightline/video/teens-rescued-slow-911-response-leads-family-action-19153098","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}