Teens Trash Stores

A new trend has kids posting videos of their rampages online for instant fame.
3:00 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Teens Trash Stores
A full moon walking hormone strong drink all sorts of things can influence human behavior for the worse and then there is the teenage brain. But at least these days they seem to be acting out on video both for research. And prosecution purposes here's ABC's Dan Harris was some spectacular and seriously misguided attempts. To court and audience. It's hard to take your eyes out. Teenagers -- and he suspected serial at this supermarket hurling themselves and their boxes of -- -- of the Toy Story. And plowing over an entire luggage display. Systematically sleeping products off of shelves. Punching out Justin Bieber. And belly flopping over -- yeah. Even when the boys are confronted by employees at various stores around Tampa Florida they appear utterly unfazed. Can't -- -- Video of people tracking stories -- -- coming from friends. Generating hundreds of thousands even millions of views great -- off. And positive comments like LOL so funny. This follows on the heels of other crimes -- fueled by the Internet from those riding the wind where people -- alongside movies hearts to us. Slash -- where young people often organized via social networks. Overwhelms store clerks with a group shop -- sprees. Teenagers have always been -- and are always looking for stupid ways to kill time. Went to get online video there's a new alert to do something stupid it's not about bragging rights -- -- your peers but actually now you're getting bragging rights. -- -- Pages -- facility predates the age of YouTube. Back in the early. Part of the last decade when MTV first started broadcasting -- Hello I'm -- not not go up in flames even though they included eight don't try this at home disclaimer. -- all over the country started hurting themselves by trying to replicate the stunts. And that. In 2001 to twelve year old Thomas it was badly burned Gwinnett jackass inspired stunt went wrong. And his -- -- caught on fire. But since then as the Internet has infiltrated all of our lives the power of the viral ideas than even as it's called. Has grown exponentially. Sure my reality isn't all bad it's -- -- cute cat videos. And my game. But the downside the dark side -- -- nasty remember that smoking baby in Indonesia. Even though he has now quit I met him and promised -- he -- no more cigarettes. And this movie and even though he says have done his online -- -- and rationally imitators in his native Indonesian. But back to those teenagers in Tampa one possible positive aspects to criminals posting their exploits on line it has become -- handy tool for the police. If there was any damage sensitive properties will connect probably a criminal mischief and -- Israelis want to discus trespassed. Cops say they already have one of the name of the kids involved it's got to imagine that it offers a show that the kids doors. As speedy as -- seen on this video. -- Nightline this is Dan Harris.

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{"id":15210755,"title":"Teens Trash Stores","duration":"3:00","description":"A new trend has kids posting videos of their rampages online for instant fame.","url":"/Nightline/video/teens-trash-stores-youtube-clicks-15210755","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}