Thanksgiving Traditions: Deep-Fried Turkey

An encore presentation of "Nightline's" Bill Weir's sort-of safe guide to deep-frying turkey.
3:10 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thanksgiving Traditions: Deep-Fried Turkey
Like many families are Nightline family has a Thanksgiving culinary tradition -- co anchor Bill -- introduced us to the art not the science. Cooking Turkey in a deep Fryer technique that can result in a fiery -- if you're not careful so here again. Bills guide to doing it right. -- lovers happy Thanksgiving. This recipe is sure all of those who want to -- the -- off. Others holiday and go outside. Enjoy the nice brisk -- -- And it's also for those who. -- your little danger. She's making her stuffing and cranberries. The threat of -- I don't know massive -- -- third degree burns now step number one. Is two go to -- And type in Turkey Fryer disaster. And there you'll see why Heidi exactly you're gonna water -- sober. And well away from your wood deck the first mistake all of those people made. Was over filling the cattle putting too much -- -- so when they dropped the -- spilled over the top. And then started a fire that will -- burned for weeks start including your bird in the back then in the kettle. Yeah but just enough water to cover the top of -- barely over the top and then that way you know. How much -- to -- So of the night before. If -- the bird -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now you can buy the premed stuff there's plenty of good brands out there or. You can make your own using. Half pound of butter. -- bought a bottle of beer. Little bit of we're -- saw us. Some some salt seasoned salt is -- to. You can use. Cajun spice you can only get creative with that but anyway gonna come up with a nice little marinade and any one of these sort of fantastic. My dentist whom syringes. For -- You know a poor little of that in there. Opponents. When you this -- bit open your mouth. So then you stick it into the you know in the leg. And inject a little bit and. There and rest. Fell all the oil is getting up to 350 degrees it's good time to remind all pets and kids they're allowed anywhere near. The frying apparatus just be sure usually tie my child to a tree. And about three minutes for every child. -- fifteen pound bird. 45 minutes to -- -- -- -- This bill -- and toys you don't burn your house down. It's foolproof. Gobble gobble everybody.

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{"id":17784237,"title":"Thanksgiving Traditions: Deep-Fried Turkey","duration":"3:10","description":"An encore presentation of \"Nightline's\" Bill Weir's sort-of safe guide to deep-frying turkey.","url":"/Nightline/video/thanksgiving-traditions-deep-fried-turkey-17784237","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}