Tigers Next Door: Exotic Pet Insurance

One man has made a lucrative business from insuring lions, tigers and bears.
4:39 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for Tigers Next Door: Exotic Pet Insurance
We Begin with exotic and dangerous animals that might be lurking in a backyard near you. They're kept as pets by people who don't seem to mind what the neighbors think. With recent headlines about brutal animal attacks and lions and tigers and bears on the loose. We -- the guy who makes his job to keep those predators aged in your town safe. Is business wild animal insurance here's ABC's Matt Gutman for our series American jungles. -- But deadly. This might look like as you. It's actually someone's back yard these guys are closer than you think he has hits -- -- A rash of recent actions scares -- exotic animals. Scandal and on mount rewritten bearish I just saw a Walsh thank -- -- -- -- -- look like a jaguar. -- -- In Zanesville Ohio -- -- over. More than fifty dangerous animals unleashed by the -- scampering -- to the roadways Odessa Texas the same month. A four year old boy -- By this 150. Pound cougar kept as a -- in Connecticut woman kept Travis the chimp for years and -- gates. Problem there. -- -- -- -- -- -- grown too big. And uncontrollable. This has been going on for years -- there's a long and growing casualty list of people -- been injured or killed. By dangerous while journals kept this -- man of all of these animals may have across the nation. Are. Someone has gotten 30 AZ central comics and -- -- thank -- where huge shades fear. It's elements in sees risk and potential loss. The first one minute and turn around and -- He has -- his she or. -- usually tigers he spies potentially -- expensing of any problems remember -- withdrawal Weldon. -- -- the wild animal insurance guy. Selling insurance policies in -- safety standards pretty much anyone with Gagarin and ensure horrible exotic pet. I've got circuses look at Frears zoological facilities private facilities some people would just wanna have exotic animals such as they have -- interest and. And a lot of people had been so much so that important to the World Wildlife Fund there are more tigers in the US leaving -- captivity that. Why. The world. Helmets and is the first to admit that these generals don't necessarily make good pets. You think they're nice they're cute cuddly and also they're grown they've never shown a propensity for being -- and they can turn within seconds and with incidents like Zanesville Ohio. That becomes a problem. We had very marginal -- in the most of look like dog cages that were converted to put tiger. So should people be worried there are quite a few animals that are in facilities that should not be there if nothing else I think that the local. The sheriff's department the county. City commissioners -- -- should at least know who's in their area. So the -- next door is something that people should know about absolutely. While the tigers next door may be for neighbors they've been good for helmets and -- this out. 50% this year only Gallagher and think oh that -- policies are not worksheet. On a standard three million dollar policy and 15161000. Dollars a year. Seriously yet it is seriously and that's what these people have to commit to. Surprisingly only a dozen states require owners of exotic pets to carry liability insurance. But even at the places helmets and -- -- -- where he alternate channels -- inspections aria he finds problems that this guy. Decides to come around the stage is gone animals gone and have -- 2 o'clock in the morning you don't know until six -- when -- veterinary field when you going you're inspections. You find that people realize -- way in over their head these costs a lot of people do they they want the animal who want the baby they wanna have a tiger leopard except for a and I just don't think they take. Enough safeguards. To preserve the animal and to do it right yeah. Elements in owns 27 lions and tigers pacing back and forth like this all night long. -- old Florida ridge shows us what we're looking at potentially dangerous mix of safari. And suburbia. And just across the street 700. Homes and a golf course. Got galvanize stove -- to two and a half inch. We've -- cables come across we've got metal bars come across. So what's the range of costs -- these kids you could probably put a changeup over weekend 5000 dollars her -- -- -- -- -- preferred -- Cash is often the most significant barrier to safety. Most owners of these sanctuaries are so called -- broke buying the animals when they're young cute and small but before you know it. They're big expensive. And can be deadly. War there's no denying BO -- Cuddling up to an animal such awesome power and undeniable -- that means he's -- comfortable. But quickly we found -- and smacks him to be true these animals may be trained. But they are not in fifth. For Nightline I'm not -- -- In some -- to Florida.

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{"id":15788919,"title":"Tigers Next Door: Exotic Pet Insurance","duration":"4:39","description":"One man has made a lucrative business from insuring lions, tigers and bears.","url":"/Nightline/video/tigers-exotic-pets-insurance-animals-wild-15788919","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}