TikTok users who've built careers through the platform react to recent controversy

Owned by a Chinese company, there have been national security and user privacy concerns with the app. President Trump had threatened to ban the app but now says he is open to Microsoft acquiring it.
6:53 | 08/04/20

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Transcript for TikTok users who've built careers through the platform react to recent controversy
Tiktok makes dreams come through, it made mine. Reporter: For Cameron Campbell, tiktok is more than addiction, it's life. Biggest income I have right now. Reporter: At 26 years old, went from working at Walmart to partnering with big-name brands. Cameron one of millions of creators on the platform. Known as launch pad for hits, eye-popping stunts and endless dance crazes. Multibillion dollar social media behemoth owned by China, at controversy over user privacy concerns. White house has wanted to ban it, Microsoft wants to buy it. Everybody is talking about it. We're going to turn now to tiktok. No one really expected this app would be such center of attention and national security issue for the trump administration. Reporter: All started last Friday when president trump sent shock waves through social media after making this comment. We're looking at tiktok, we may be banning tiktok. Reporter: The app facing scrutiny from congress is banned on government phones. Two big concerns, one is ccp, Chinese communist party could get user data from tiktok. Other big concern is use the platform as propaganda to push certain views or political candidates they favor over others. It's important to know there's no specific evidence to support any of those claims, just this concern that China is an enemy. Reporter: Can the president really block the platform? There are a number of legal avenues the president could take, would be unprecedented and more similar to the actions we see from the Chinese government. Reporter: President's comments coming on the same day news broke that tech giant Microsoft was in talks to acquire the app. Tiktok released this video. We've heard your support, we're not planning on going anywhere. Reporter: Also this statement, U.S. User data is stored in the U.S. With strict controls on employee access, we're committed to protecting users' privacy and enjoyment as we bring meaningful careers to those who create on our platform. Yesterday, Microsoft confirmed its plans to buy the platform. Trump giving the companies 45-day window to close the deal, or face the ban. Today the president saying he was ready to see the deal move forward, as long as the U.S. Gets a cut of the sales price in exchange for approving it. Without explaining how that would happen. I said a significant portion of that price will have could come into the treasury of the United States, we're making it happen. This boils down to the trump administration stance toward China. Very zero sum, taken a number of hostile actions towards the country, some definitely warranted, tiktok is part of the policy, nothing specific about the app itself. Reporter: Microsoft stating it is committed to acquiring tiktok subject to security review and providing proper economic benefits to the united States, including the treasury. They're the only major tech platform without a very successful social network. Reporter: Seems like Microsoft gains a lot by owning tiktok. Microsoft over the last couple of years has wanted to be a business first company. Buying tiktok would give them leverage in the consumer market. There's all that valuable data about young people they could use to inform other parts of their product, integrate tiktok into parts of Microsoft, they stand to gain a lot here. Ironic, given last week there was hearing in congress about antitrust and big tech. 3.6 million followers, if it got banned, would be terrible. Reporter: We first met Cameron last year. At the time he posted this video of himself dancing on the job. Went viral. Blowing up and people contacting me. Reporter: One of the new faces of aero postal, did this photo shoot, did the dance that made him famous. Views poured in, power of tiktok on full display. Now 151. It keeps going. Reporter: What will it mean if the app is shut down? On its face, if it's shut down soon, major platform for free expression especially among young people was taken away months before extremely consequential election. I find that troubling, will be free speech and cultural loss, unprecedented. Reporter: Over the last several months the platform has evolved. This is no trend. Reporter: Tiktok a space for activism on the left and right. You are strong. Reporter: Taylor Cassidy quickly recognized its potential as megaphone for social issues. I think what they gain from my content is insight of education they couldn't get from their own school. I see comments saying I learn more from tiktok than school because lot of times in school you don't see big representation of black history, what my content is centered around. Reporter: At age 17, more than 38 million likes but says her dreams aren't defined by tiktok. going to keep creating content, let our creativity speak volumes for experiences, still going to tell each other stories and still going to find some way to keep going. So even though we might lose something precious to us, we can find another way. Reporter: Like Taylor, Cameron believes the content isn't defined by the platform, but trying to stay positive and hopes for resolution. I want people to look at tiktok in a positive light. It's an app where you can put talent and abilities out there. If tiktok doesn't get banned, tiktok is going to grow even stronger.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Owned by a Chinese company, there have been national security and user privacy concerns with the app. President Trump had threatened to ban the app but now says he is open to Microsoft acquiring it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"72160102","title":"TikTok users who've built careers through the platform react to recent controversy","url":"/Nightline/video/tiktok-users-whove-built-careers-platform-react-recent-72160102"}