Tilda Tells All

Tilda Swinton opens up about a love triangle and stardom.
4:49 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for Tilda Tells All
She is known as one of the finest actresses of her generation but Tilda Swinton is nothing if not unexpected. Former David -- we style hair. Her latest film -- defies the rules as my co anchor Cynthia McFadden discovered in tonight's. Nightline interview. And Russert goes to. Tilda -- Not expect to win an Oscar for playing a corporate lawyer George Clooney. And Michael Clayton this -- three billion dollars class action lawsuit. Although her -- real in this -- the -- of the white rich. His name. -- about -- in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and make them closer to capturing her somewhat eccentric public's persona. All these boards that people use Q and you don't know this sort of alien and I did well I mean that's kind of unhappy person -- I call myself and aliens especially when in the states. Because I'm not even -- what she really is is -- this is what you do this we met up with -- at New York's dairy queen of Scots. Where the whiskey reminds her of home -- And if it when it rains. Six. Now 51 -- and lives of this child. The woman who marches -- her own ground when it comes to fashion does the same when it comes to -- domestic situation. There had been rumors that she lives with two men in -- Natasha. As you know you're -- your domestic situation is always this sort of mystery. Yeah there -- some of the Batman and missed sabathia the reality is so -- what went -- and good but. So much more boring and the public to be all sorts of magical ideas. -- -- you have. Twin -- at twin children whose father is a beloved uncle John. -- -- not lived with folks that means. For the last seven unions and that my children with sweet. And and that the children go back and forth between the house. -- John comes to us usually. Because I'm -- -- -- studio B and units in Edinburgh. But yet they sometimes we movement. But this -- at twelfth and is. -- -- Welcome I say. Her tour of his often unconventional to her latest film we need to talk about -- -- is a deeply disturbing -- Of -- mother Eva and her son who could not connect. Her portrayal -- dark and painful. And quite brilliant. There's a seeking the very intently as Kevin clearly decline in crime and as she goes out and parks the stroller next -- the Jack camp are. And I I suspect that half the audiences say that the man but yeah. The relationship between mother and son spiral down over the years. Spinning out of control and -- You -- live the ultimate nightmare. -- teenage -- Mass murder. This is so profound beautiful philosophical questions about the -- Are are some people just bad seed doesn't matter what happens they're going to turn out this way that's the question. And that doesn't want to Christina you want to blame them yet but what's really nightmarish. -- -- -- All of that -- -- Sweden she honestly days because it -- Silent night. So like to -- John. Well the thing is I never intended recipient. And at least through. Don't. -- myself that go it's not something -- managed to do it's not something night aims to do it's the sort of and stink anyway. I mean I want to slit my wrists with. Have to go to that dark place the you don't go to the dot place as yourself. You've glued to -- done places. And so all I'm doing is dressing this. And it's -- that story you know I was wearing it Eva -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest because you always talking to professionals and never -- and I'm hopeful. Hardly an amateur -- for Nightline I'm Cynthia McFadden in New York.

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{"id":15461958,"title":"Tilda Tells All","duration":"4:49","description":"Tilda Swinton opens up about a love triangle and stardom.","url":"/Nightline/video/tilda-tells-15461958","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}