Tim Tebow: Power of Prayer

From rookie to football sensation, the Denver quarterback shuns his critics.
6:58 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Tim Tebow: Power of Prayer
For -- -- be -- football. Is religion. But with his expressions. Of Christian -- on and off the field and his breathtaking come from behind wins. FL quarterback Tim Tebow has singlehandedly. Changed the national conversation. About spirituality. And sports. Tonight Tim Tebow goes one on one with Hannah Storm of our sister network ESPN. -- Thanks Terry. Tim Tebow may not have -- -- Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl this Sunday but that doesn't mean he didn't have an extraordinary. Year. Crossing over from NFL star to cultural phenomenon. Today -- had a chance to sit down with him for a wide ranging interview about football family and -- He's only 24 years old. But in just his second season in the NFL Tim Tebow has become much more than just a football star. He's become a phenomenon. You've actually been the only card he's been innovative reading that's the -- I'm like -- monster scenes like trying to get you autograph or whenever he's not the best quarterback in the NFL but he's had the most dramatic victories. And some are wondering if this is the reason why. I'd like having my -- savior Jesus Christ first and Faris has happened Miller and Jesus Christ Tebow is deeply religious. There's been -- intense -- Simpson's goodness and light. If god decided win football games. Critical grow in time from Abraham Lincoln way tugged my civil war whether it got us on -- insider wasn't he said. You know it's not a matter of whether -- got us on our side -- where were on God's side. This story is already legend Tebow was born -- evangelical missionaries in the Philippines the youngest of five. His mother was ill when pregnant and told to abort him but refused. As told in this controversial Super Bowl ad in 2000 intent. Collins -- cocaine. Almost into this Tebow wears his faith on his sleeve and on the field. Where he goes down on one knee and prays at the end of games moves so well known it's become part of our national lexicon you -- down. What is now known as -- -- Tell -- about that moment well. You know for me that's -- it's and it's a good opportunity in public -- -- again in the humble myself and thank the lord brother -- say he has. Put in my life. Young preacher I'm not that first athlete again and the -- -- but it's something that I do more for myself than for anybody else it's more about personal conversation between you and god absolutely. It's a tradition that goes back to his years at the University of Florida. -- Tebow won two national championships. And the Heisman Trophy. I just went to the -- -- the -- zone again -- to sun. -- about myself I've been doing that very last six or seven years I guess this -- kind of caught. I don't know they're more just a little -- It became a phenomenon. Yeah period of the greatest form of flattery is imitation and I think just that prayers be talked about -- pretty cool. And people are talking about many things. Including the fact that Tebow says he's abstaining from sex until marriage and then of course there's he both -- -- sport in and of itself. With many saying football is no place to proselytize. Listen to this -- from comedian Jon Oliver. We lost. -- -- -- -- -- -- Was there anything that really bothered you. Any of the criticism her nasty comments we can make out -- -- well. It's -- it's not really. No matter what happens here is gonna have. You know those critics in this -- and you just have to learn how to. How to deal with that -- you know I think I have been in except that's why do you think that you're so polarizing. You know unless there. Being a little less to do -- you know my faith. You -- -- share. It also has to do with his football skills there was talk the Broncos might trade him or even caught him before the season. Because they didn't think he was up to the job he's not cut out to be a quarterback you forgot your whole life. I have been jas been sub and that in -- Latin -- can joke about but the whole time there has been as obstacles and adversity -- overcome. And and -- James to be the quarterback. A dream renewed when the Broncos finally gave in his shot Tebow reeled off six straight victories four of them stunning comebacks. In which he seemed to -- his team to win. Leading some to wonder about the power of prayer as in this game against the Chicago Bears in December. Than Austin. And I think you're singing at him. -- possibly think I -- God's -- -- just a wonderful voice and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That could be one of your faults Tebow mania reached fever pitch in January. A shocking playoff upset against the Pittsburgh Steelers. There was sort of that kind of funny coincidence and that you passed -- -- -- sixteen earned. For the semi colon there it's John 316. But that's a Bible verse that you were on your -- Latin and college. Exactly three years -- -- -- today -- very meaningful to you. -- was -- is very meaningful to me you know on the next day and half I believe -- for many people do adapters. Although if you look at Google -- -- you're actually more popular than Jesus. I don't -- after get pink -- although his popularity has increased 50% since your playoff run on Google. Max that's good. At his core Tebow was a man who lives his faith. In addition to his missionary work in the Philippines where he's building a hospital he regularly spends time with sick children at his games. Even after a tough loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. About the little kid that was -- -- chemo and hectic. Joy in Norris -- name and he's he's a great care we lost we weren't -- dreaming the playoffs. But to be -- put everything into perspective hanging out Chile before and after the game. Especially after game after a loss still have a kid he's fighting for his life I can choose to. You -- -- -- and -- after this loss markets used to make him smile and be a part of his life and now you know for me to try to invest in him. I know he definitely helped me more than I helped him -- and I. Kind of interaction is what Tebow says with life is really all about -- just -- up the critics and all the hoopla as well and focuses on his faith his teammates. And of course the skits.

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{"id":15512001,"title":"Tim Tebow: Power of Prayer","duration":"6:58","description":"From rookie to football sensation, the Denver quarterback shuns his critics.","url":"/Nightline/video/tim-tebow-power-prayer-15512001","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}