Tim Tebow: God Follows Football?

Devout Denver Broncos quarterback attributes team's wins to power of prayer.
4:30 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Tim Tebow: God Follows Football?
Well theologians and every -- folks alike grapple with the question of whether or not a high air power intervenes in human affairs. Does not get involved in wars the fights and disease in poverty presidential elections what football. Is there are dotted all well tonight my co -- tremor -- profiled in the far L star Tim Tebow who show -- safe is creating. Controversy here's our serious -- Mac -- Tim Tebow was on -- -- holy. You might say this 64240. Pound quarterback for the Denver Broncos is that hooked in the sports world right now. Leading his team to victory after improbable victory -- streets seemingly more low -- this wouldn't. And at the heart of everything he does all his effort and all his success is one simple thing he's Christian. Yes first and foremost I'd like to think my -- savior Jesus Christ and -- is that in every interview after every game. You first in Florence has had to -- Miller and say Jesus Christ. And on the field Tebow openly praise and gives thanks taking one -- -- oppose it's become a verb to Tebow. Some think is happening here the power of prayer the hand of god for millions of fans something is happening here. For others. Not so much. Last year comedian John Oliver The Daily Show summed up the content many more secular Americans and plenty of religious fans to. Have for -- and a rant caught on tape and posted on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. There are web sites devoted to heating Tebow and every Sunday when he placed Twitter -- with his fierce critics and fervent supporters. There are. Many Americans now we don't like hearing about religion where -- -- -- someone like him he votes yes so enthusiastically. About his Christian faith in thinking Jesus after gains. It really puts them not to come craft makers studies religion in sports many people go -- sports spectator experience expect he's forced to -- sort of unify consider rallying so Christian -- -- Tebow comes -- with a strong and -- divisive message. A lot of fans and say no that's not appropriate this is not the time place and then -- is this the fact that Tim Tebow is far from. A classic NFL quarterback he throws awkwardly misses wide open receivers makes plenty of other mistakes and when we talked with the SPN's Michael will -- on the set of his show pardon the interruption. What -- doing right winning. Inspiring people getting them to play the way he needs them to play. Getting them excited. Inspiration. -- with the Tebow story is -- In hard times in uncertain times this young man against all odds in spite of his own physical shortcomings. Has led comeback after comeback for the bronco if you -- one of those people who feels somehow disenfranchised. And people didn't want you because you weren't the perfect fit for your job. You didn't look or sound like the boss thought you should look or sound and you were moved on to -- department are not hired. You -- Tim Tebow because he represented you win some sort of way but what's the secret -- -- is happening. Psychologists are increasingly finding that the very fact that a person has religious faith can help lead to the kind of success Tim Tebow is -- Feeling a sense of spiritual or religious devotion in it helps people's physical health. It makes people feel better about life they're more optimistic they're more. Resistant to depression and anxiety. May be. But maybe the real secret is that that is notes and he is inspired lifted up strengthened and suckered by -- power beyond his understand. My relationship with Jesus. Skies is most important thing I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds my future and that's something -- gives -- peace and comfort. No matter what. You obstacles -- turbulence hits they're. What I'm about to face.

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{"id":15142647,"title":"Tim Tebow: God Follows Football?","duration":"4:30","description":"Devout Denver Broncos quarterback attributes team's wins to power of prayer.","url":"/Nightline/video/tim-tebow-proof-god-football-15142647","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}