A tiny community in South Korea is preparing in case of war with North Korea

ABC News' "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang met South Koreans who said they're feeling caught in the crossfire of two nuclear powers.
9:07 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for A tiny community in South Korea is preparing in case of war with North Korea
shores of South Korea. We're taking inside the somewhat secret stigma ma advertised world of South Korea preppers where worried mothers are preparing for disaster. . A Seoul businessman. . He's building luxury underground bunkers. And South Korea most famous survivalist, carries a small go bag everywhere he goes. They're part of a tiny but growing community quietly bracing them seflts for the unthinkable. War with North Korea. Parks fired as North Korea fired intercovenant internetal missiles thought to reach united States. It will be met with fire and fury and frankly power the likes of which this country never seen before. If it is forced to defend itself or its alleys we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. With the latest show of force this morning South Korea are left in the cross fires between two nuclear powers. We have been anxious about North Korea provocations since Korean war more than 17 years. The bulls eye has been on South Korea for decades. Main target is South Korea I think. We asked the pepper to run us through hypothetical evacuee uation. It geo tags you and tells you where the nearest evacuation center is. Because North Korea is only 70 kilometers away he estimates five minutes to get to evacuation center he wouldn't even stop to call his family. This sign says shelter. Rather than the first floor he would want to the go deeper. But on the surface the rest of Seoul like the ritzy district looks like this. You would never sense the geo politics swirling across this fractured peninsula. In fact a surprising majority of south Koreans say they believe there's zero chance their neighbors to the worth would start a war. Foreign policy analyst a warned an attack on this teeming capital would be catastrophic if there's need to evacuate there's basically just one major route saiding south. It's only two and half hours by bullet train from Seoul to the southern coast the city most my parents generation fled to and don't want to think of having 10 million people in Seoul trying to leave at the same time. And most Koreans don't want to think about it either. It's business as usual. Part bravado, part avoidance but even here president trump's rhetoric does not go unnoticed. . Do you think that president trump's rhetoric has made things more dangerous. I think the biggest thing with president trump's commentary he's normalizing the idea of using force against North Korea. This is a regular TV pundit here . Question is how do democracies respond to those scandals. Now famously known as the bbc dad from this video one of the top ten viral moments last year. A rare bit of humor in his otherwise sobering day job talking about the risks of nuclear armageddon. The idea is we hold guns to each other's head, long as we both pull the trigger we're both okay. That's classic arms control. It's nuclear deterrent. The kellys have a lot on the line, his wife is Korean and this is home for their family. They invited us to a home-cook home-cooked Korean meal. Looks amazing. Kimchi is very much the national dish. Our conversation what it's like to live under threat of war. In a nuclear blast what we have to do most Korean people don't know how to do. Actually surprised how much my students know, if the sound goes off what are you going to do they're like I don't know, go home. Why do you think Koreans don't think about it or to prepare. Boy who cried wolf problem. The North Korea's have been saying since the 60s they will turn Seoul into a sea of fire nobody believes them any more. They know if we have a war it will be a big war and both countries will zblaps which may be why Kim Jong-un sent delegation rare face to face talks ahead of the pyeongchang olympic games and two countries agree to joint women's hockey team. Some people have mixed feeling S about the intentions. Former U.N. Secretary general sees it as a step forward. In the United States during the Nixon administration we called it ping pong diplomacy. Yes. This in some ways hockey diplomacy. I've seen such a power instantly mobilize passion and friendship through sports. Even Kim Jong-un's own sister is attending the olympics, the first time a member of the ruling family will step foot in the south. There's a lot of mistrust of North Korea. You see all of the behavior which North Korea has been doing for the last many declaration a decades. Are you concerned thees clatsing rhetoric could lead to nuclear at indicatialtercation. It is unsettling. I think it has psychological impact against North Korea regime. Like fighting fire with fire. Of course. But she says her 11-year-old son is having trouble sleeping after seeing images of warfare. Yet while citizens may be anxious the South Korea government sees value in the combative exchanges. Maybe we can give the credit . Politicians like him warn that military action even a limited strike targeting north Korea's nuclear weapons would be colossal mistake. Could trigger international conflict. One option is left, negotiation. Diplomacy. No other way. For him prepper, combat with North Korea is something he's seen close in 1996 was a paratrooper in South Korea army when North Korea sent dozens to infiltrate the south. Wu says it inspired him to become a survivalist. And he's not alone. Thank you. These underground bunkers are attracting attention. Equip with everything from oxygen to hand cranked generator. He's yet to see booming sells. 20,000 take part in digital presented being forum that Wu has created and some willing to take classes as well. Taking careful note S, yank, that concerned mom, hopes that prepping will ease her son's anxiety. Preparation that millions hope will prove unnecessary. Up next we're in the mountains with millions of

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{"id":52953964,"title":"A tiny community in South Korea is preparing in case of war with North Korea","duration":"9:07","description":"ABC News' \"Nightline\" co-anchor Juju Chang met South Koreans who said they're feeling caught in the crossfire of two nuclear powers.","url":"/Nightline/video/tiny-community-south-korea-preparing-case-war-north-52953964","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}