Todrick Hall, redefining what social media sensation means

A YouTube star, a Broadway veteran and a judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race," Hall's latest project is his visual album, 'Straight Outta Oz.'
6:35 | 08/01/17

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Transcript for Todrick Hall, redefining what social media sensation means
He's got more than 100 million hits on YouTube, a live tour and a clothing line but no car. That's because todrick hall says he reinvests almost everything he makes into his career. And if you've seen the elaborate costumes, set designs, and special effects in his videos you'll understand where all the money goes. Here again is Nick watt in our series "Social stars." ??? Because I just want to be a ??? ??? Reporter: Straight outta oz. Todrick hall's super sumptuous star-studded 71-minute-long autobiographical concept album released on YouTube. A little self-indulgent millennial? ??? Hello, I'm rich ??? ??? nice to meet you ??? Reporter: But here's where todrick hall is very, very different from the rest. ??? Who do you think you are ??? he's not chilling at home counting coin from his YouTube hits. Flash mobs do particularly well. Getting him noticed by queen bey herself, who invited him to choreograph her video "Blow." Snoeft must be good to you ??? Reporter: He was just in "Kinky boots." He's taking "Straight outta oz" on the road around the globe. Back here is where the beds are. Reporter: On the road around America, sleeping on this tour bus. With a dozen other people. This is the bathroom. And there are very strict rules. You can read them. That's the most important one. That's a pretty solid rule. I didn't mean that. Reporter: He's a youtuber who also kills it live. I think you were the first person I met who does the YouTube stuff, the social media stuff, and this which is basically quite old-fashioned. Yeah. Touring small towns. Yeah. It's a strange combo that I've not seen before. Well, I'm a strange combo. You've never seen me. Have you ever seen somebody that was half bla and half green in your life before today? Reporter: And hall finances everything, everything, himself. There's no company behind this apart from you. It's toddy inc. Is the company. You could have people backing you. You could have -- I could have people backing a version of me. I don't think that you can truly be an artist if you aren't willing to put every dime in your account on the line. You're risking everything. Everything. Reporter: We joined hall and his friend slash collaborator slash employees for a couple of California legs of the U.S. Tour. Just more oomph because right now it's like really sloppy and looks tired. Reporter: Tonight in Beverly hills he is knee deep in everything. Need your policies. We -- Reporter: From writing all the music to the costumes, the choreography. Everything. London tomorrow. Yeah. One second. You're goi to go chat with somebody? Reporter: Why is he doing this? Apparently for fans like these. My friend showed me a video of him when he was at like a drive-thru. One of his first videos. ??? Mickey D's and please I'm dubbing ??? ??? pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, I'm loving it ??? Reporter: Views 10 million plus and the most popular almost 20 million. I've always been on the feminine side a little bit. So to have someone older take look up to like that and to have him almost be the same as me and having someone to relate to I think that's really special. You get to actually meet people, hear them say like you changed my life or I've come out of the closet and been able to accept who I am and I wish I'd had that growing up. ??? Look into my fantasy ??? Reporter: One of todrick's TV sidekicks is guest judge on rupaul's "Drag race." Rupaul also appears in "Straight outta oz." ??? Is you a good witch or just a bad ??? I bumped into him the other day on an entirely unrelated story. Let me just tell you about todrick hall. Todrick hall is one of the most creative people I've ever met. I'm so impressed with this kid. Reporter: Ru showed up at the Beverly hills show. So did a couple of old school friends of todrick's from back home in Texas. I mean, I do slightly worry for him that he needs to chill. He's never going to. I'm not worried. It's a problem if he doesn't do anything. That's when I'm afraid. If he's not doing what he loves. That's a good point. Okay. That's when I'm afraid. ??? Somewhere over the rainbow ??? Reporter: Here's another reason todrick hall is different. His is not a seamless, stratospheric rise. I've worked so hard and not eaten and overdrawn so many accounts, gotten my cars repossessed. I mean, everything that you can lose that would make you want to not ever make a YouTube video again I've experienced. Reporter: His first big break was "American idol" in 2009. ??? I try and I try and I try ??? he made it to the final 16 but no further. ??? Just in case you didn't know ??? in fwf he h2014 he had his own mtv show, "Todrick." Back then "Nightline" met up with him while he was filming what he thought would be his big break. I want to be really involved in every aspect. The costumes, the hair, the makeup. Reporter: But it didn't survive beyond the first eight episodes. He worked with super manager scooter Braun, he of Bieber and Ariana grande fame. They split, hall says before "Straight outta oz." This is the scarecrow, the tin man. This wizard of oz stuff is deep in you. It's very deep. It's my whole life. ??? This is just the way it could be ??? I was waiting for years and years and years for scooter to say okay, you can be an artist now. And I didn't need him to do that. I could just be an artist. And once I did it he said, okay, I see it. So now we are going to be hopefully working together again. Isn't that dope? Reporter: His life is featured in a new documentary "Behind the curtain." I know what it's like to live in a town where people don't understand you. Reporter: His goal, the fabled egot, Emmy, grammy, Oscar, Tony. From now on everything I go into, much like I learned on "American idol" and with the mtv show, people have to take my opinion and my artistic decisions and hold them at the same level of weight that they would hold Steven Spielberg's. Reporter: A kid who in between writing, choreographing, singing, directing, takes time after every show to meet the fans. How are you? Thank you so much. Reporter: I'm Nick watt for "Nightline" in Beverly hills. Todrick is reportedly in talks to bring "Straight outta oz" to Broadway. Next, the Chicago man forced

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{"id":48961790,"title":"Todrick Hall, redefining what social media sensation means","duration":"6:35","description":"A YouTube star, a Broadway veteran and a judge on \"RuPaul's Drag Race,\" Hall's latest project is his visual album, 'Straight Outta Oz.'","url":"/Nightline/video/todrick-hall-redefining-social-media-sensation-means-48961790","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}