Top Republicans Say Mitt Romney Has Picked Paul Ryan

Watch ABC for the official running mate announcement Saturday morning from Norfolk, Va.
3:00 | 08/11/12

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Transcript for Top Republicans Say Mitt Romney Has Picked Paul Ryan
This is an ABC news special report. Your voice. Your vote to Mitt Romney's -- And good evening I'm Cynthia McFadden we begin tonight with breaking news top Republicans close to his campaign say. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen. Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan. As his running mate. The Romney campaign would not comment on the decision months that it will be announcing tomorrow morning in Norfolk Virginia. From aboard the USS Wisconsin. Paul Ryan is served in congress for seven terms but his profile sky -- over the past several years. Around his plan to drastically cut spending. In an effort to reduce the national debt. Ryan just 42 years old is married to a tax attorney with whom he has three young children. The latest we're joined by ABC's senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl from Norfolk Virginia where he's traveling -- is -- Romney campaign. So John how much of -- surprises this. Well to those are really know Romney it's not that much of a surprise he has been fascinated with this young conservative superstar for a long time. But he's only 42 years old he's incredibly controversial. And to many Republican operatives it is seen as a risky choice but this is something -- this is going to excite the Republican base. He is one of the top stars in the party somebody who is put putting the fiscal health of the country. At the top of his priority list ahead of politics. But that plan you mention is one that would drastically change Medicare. And you can bet Democrats gonna come right Adam so when it came down to it why Ryan. Well Ryan is seen as the guy with the plan Romney campaigned with Ryan in Wisconsin he was the only of the potential vice presidential candidates. It when he appeared with Ryan the -- actually got on the stage together and took questions in a town hall format going back and forth. Romney sees the fiscal health of the country that the fiscal crisis the country faced as the number one issue and there is nobody that has. Put forward a more specific and more detailed plan on that and Paul Ryan it's a controversial plan. But it is a plan that has a vision for where the country should go -- that is exactly. What Bryant what what Romney is trying to do with this -- -- explosives that he has a vision. With Paul Ryan so John as you look into your crystal ball how the Democrats gonna react. They are gonna say that this is the team that would destroy Medicare one of the most popular programs in the country. They're going to say that this is this is a dangerous pick that it would fundamentally change the way the US government relates to its citizens particularly -- senior citizens. This you know it's just put it this way Cynthia there was an ad that ran the last campaign by democratic group that showed some but it looks just like Paul Ryan. Throwing a senior citizen in a wheelchair off a cliff. That is -- effectively how they will go out for Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney Jonathan Karl our thanks we appreciate your. -- with us tonight. I'm joined now by ABC weekend world news anchor David -- who has been covering the Romney campaign from the beginning David. Why did he issues Mitt Romney you have been deep inside the campaign you talk to the strategists you have seen them -- action why this choice -- they were looking at the same things we've been looking at you saw the numbers we reported on world news there's three national polls last 24 to 48 hours -- show. President Obama increasing this lead seven to nine points now no longer a dead heat appears to be a front runner. At least for now and there were pushes in recent days the Wall Street Journal for one. Saying go bold pick Paul Ryan appears that that is what they've done as Jon Karl pointed out the architect of his budget plan. He's gonna rally conservatives in the Tea Party but make no mistake about this and yet. Like every presidential campaign they looked at them the names on the -- and they did internal polling look at the polling numbers already out there and they said. Which of these candidates will best lift the -- be taken in their home state they need to turn at least one of these battleground states. It looked at Florida and look at Ohio they look at Wisconsin. And from what I've been told Paul Ryan's numbers were the strongest helping to lift the Romney ticket in Wisconsin to within -- -- -- Of the Obama -- and. Those points can be decisive when it comes and no question no question -- and -- the very interesting and apparently very convivial. Personal relationship but that's important and you know this makes a big deal -- the Romney campaign we've reported so much of his personal relationships how loyal he's been. To his inner circles from Baines was time as governor of Massachusetts and usefulness -- if we talked about this earlier with -- -- for the viewers. This was on April Fool's Day in Milwaukee. Mitt Romney being introduced to a crowd pancake breakfast around -- -- Paul Ryan air and look at this. The room was empty. You hear the laughter there. Paul Ryan helping to pull off this -- that Mitt Romney Mitt Romney says I'll remember -- will be able to bring it up for them. First thing in the morning but this means a lot to Mitt Romney that he has -- when he's comfortable with six town halls. And now will be up and running and by the way relief -- the before we go he saw that Romney Ryan web page. That you pulled up tonight you actually pull it up. And it takes you right back. America's combat teams -- -- -- this is really elaborate some -- at some time on their hands or were off and running here. David -- our thanks as always in you'll be with us on Good Morning America for the latest. To recap top Republicans close to his campaign tell ABC news the presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen. Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan as his running -- We'll have the official announcement live tomorrow morning beginning at 8:45 AM eastern time.

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{"id":16983709,"title":"Top Republicans Say Mitt Romney Has Picked Paul Ryan","duration":"3:00","description":"Watch ABC for the official running mate announcement Saturday morning from Norfolk, Va.","url":"/Nightline/video/top-republicans-mitt-romney-picked-paul-ryan-16983709","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}