Top Secret World of Taser Inc.

Taser makers say device is safe, but its use has caused controversy.
2:10 | 11/12/11

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Transcript for Top Secret World of Taser Inc.
50000. Volts in the palm of your hand enough to stop -- 300 pound man dead in his tracks -- -- Are intended to be safe alternatives to deadly firearms -- several people die every year after being shocked by them but. Is the weapon the blame or is it cops to poorly trained perhaps too inexperienced. To use it properly. From Phoenix Arizona my co anchor Bill -- reports. Every three minutes someone somewhere in the world. -- -- gets -- And that's just by law enforcement. Doesn't include all -- jackass inspired knuckle heads -- do it for kicks you -- The tough guy reporters -- first person perspective it's just vote yes or the directors of films like the Handel. Who know that complete loss of motor function is comedy gold. She's like this one in nurse Jackie are only -- Because we know this weapon is designed to inflict. Temporary pain fifteen minutes -- at noon but that hasn't stopped Taser International from becoming a magnet for lawsuits controversy and scored. Greatly upsetting the Brothers who built it. The whole reason we started this company -- and get people stop killing each other and in order to do that. You know. You have to take some steps that are. Are sometimes not pleasant do you spend more on research and development -- Legal theories there have been years when. The litigation -- -- been hired an hour -- research so you hear about the cases but which you don't hear about -- all the cases that it points. Rick and some Smith founded -- -- in the early ninety's after two friends were shot to death in a road rage incident. And their mothers started to worry. He tried at perspiration tried stun guns we kind of own the patents that you know we can put man on the moon -- wave of people fundamentally defend themselves when we fought the revolutionary war. So they tracked down the acts NASA scientist who invented the -- And using parts from ace hardware modified it for a broader market that we take a little piece of metal hanger that we sit there have to view -- -- procedure. Back and -- the first time they try to sell it at a police convention a tough as nails marine named -- and Guerrero volunteered to see. Would have to do -- shot him with here Kaczur -- he stood there and had a conversation with me that's that's -- most people will be on the ground right now. And the whole audiences -- But -- agreed to come back. And once they worked out the bugs -- the laughing stopped stood up he said this is a game changer. The -- uses compressed air to shoot it has all the kick party -- the -- sends 50000 bolts down two wires and into the body through straightened fish hooks. With a good connection in the electricity painfully confuses the central nervous system. Until the trigger is released. Have you ever seen that's -- subject able to -- -- out now. They can't control where you -- most people can't control motor function right. When cops started buying them it only took about a decade for taser -- from a garage into a multibillion dollar company. They now have retina scanners at the front door -- And an atrium inspired by Star Wars almost half a million cops around the world carry them today. More than a million people have been Hastert by those officers. And around 400 have died. Can you absolutely guarantee that your product would never ever cause cardiac arrest and any person no we can't guarantee. The best secretaries these devices many dangerous situation -- So there's the device and then there's the the person holding it right. Because cops. Figurehead and almost no thoughts just pull the -- -- how do you deal with the lazy cop syndrome called. We spent a lot of time in our training. Of law enforcement officers trying to avoid local -- dependency that's our technologies like our baby when it gets misused it if it does -- -- but that's why we. We not take the next it was a you know what's matured and happen again. -- -- misuse inspired the Brothers to come up with what may be another law enforcement game changer it's called acts on basically the system fits by sitting on top of the head and evidence gathering camera worn on the side of an officer's head. 110 degree field of view that's pretty good. One step closer to Robocop. Initially officer -- -- went on the record everything but then once they tried a couple times and realize. Gosh you know I get accused of all these awful things always. Put the gun down -- the gun down right now -- on video held back up the story of cops who shot a suspect that the Arkansas. Along with the taser to dismiss blew their inventions could save municipalities millions in lawsuits. -- and countless lives but as long as there are headline grabbing mistakes. There -- critics they say we should use -- taser but they never go to the next step was says. In that particular situation if not a taser. -- I feel like -- -- -- you've been here with a taser is not pleasant but an intelligent use of times this chemotherapy. Right -- if you've got cancer. Did you awful things your body to trying to save you our society -- -- cancer we -- of violent dangerous society. And we have a device that won't stop pleasant. Today's huge -- last.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Taser makers say device is safe, but its use has caused controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14937460","title":"Top Secret World of Taser Inc.","url":"/Nightline/video/top-secret-world-taser-14937460"}