One Tough Mudder

Slogging through mud and ice and electric shocks. Who'd pay to do this?
5:19 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for One Tough Mudder
It's wet it's muddy and it's full of pain it's -- tough mutter a wildly popular worldwide competition designed by the British special forces. It claims its quote probably the toughest event on the planet how tough. Well think electrocution. Dunks and freezing water running miles in slippery mud. We -- ABC's Matt Gutman to find out if he has what it takes to make it through this agonizing race. I don't want. A broader definition person who paid for rolled through -- encrusted in. Keep in mind. A -- one person who does it over twelve and a half miles through electrified wire. And would seem to -- these people -- for -- place and perhaps the -- motor. Got blown up tonight he came when he woke up you're actually surprised that you lead was still there. And -- you ask for it could be everything. -- -- -- Former marine band lewd -- lost his -- in brought down five. He hasn't looked back climbing Kilimanjaro last year and now attempting the along with 6000 other runners near Phoenix Arizona. It's just one of 35 tough -- events this year one of the fastest growing businesses in America. Going from. 50000 participants in 2010 to projected 500000. In 2012. And so every -- motor vehicles with a preemptive pledge. To suck you know. And. Why would anybody do this themselves -- people want to prove something to itself. It's for everyone it's different reasons elements that they're bored with conventional fitness -- itself that this -- that -- off his job. Nothing's actually scared and since there about nine years old Alex Paterson and his top letters marketing chief. The guy who comes up with names like -- -- in them. And funky -- A Harvard grad with a law degree -- job is partly to conjure up the sadistic obstacles. Partly to ensure the company doesn't get you predict what's in store next August or next as the Arctic Emma. If -- -- dumpster full of ice water. That's definitely -- -- the mother of all right. Sprinkled I don't want to tell you about my nether regions but think they no longer exist and yeah. I was joking. Kind of at a 150 bucks a ticket raking in the hands of millions of dollars in the year the company may be the peacemaker would be type of challenge -- the industry. It's -- America. -- -- -- One of the -- sports success he's come lottery. Equipment that it was becoming an inspiration to the other -- Twinkle toes was the only obstacle he thought he'd failed. But the miles and that he would -- Iowa. This can't be halfway less than halfway. Well let me it's twelve and a half -- if that's the six mile mark yeah. They distrust species begins to -- with -- the cold starts to dig into -- if your butter and don't start to have fun and expect right. The array of obstacles Burgess from the obscure but she warned its board of paint this is called walk the play. The water frigid and deep divers and -- -- ensured -- -- round. Serious business where it would seem to take themselves. Series. By now -- prosthesis is still clogged -- mud that he can barely walk. We've been sure he'd make it through now not so much by the time we reach this doomsday machine my teeth are chattering uncontrollable. Life was about to get much worse now we have 101000 volts. Electricity live dangling wires people say that legal America. Well at least right now it is. First then goes. Flag in hand. Not only do we get shocked but -- and I are no doubt cool. Bold face first in the mud trying to get up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You were talking. But out in the mud I woke up in the body. Traditional tough letter -- in hand we boosted ourselves as the toughest month another trip buddy. Freezing but satisfied customers can -- Miami -- Nightline I'm Matt Gutman in Phoenix Arizona.

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{"id":15461971,"title":"One Tough Mudder","duration":"5:19","description":"Slogging through mud and ice and electric shocks. Who'd pay to do this?","url":"/Nightline/video/tough-mudder-15461971","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}