On the Town with Green Day

"Nightline" goes behind the scenes with one of America's most iconic punk rock bands.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for On the Town with Green Day
They've won five grammys sold over 65 million albums kept themselves on the cutting edge rock for eighteen years and even inspired a hit Broadway musical self. What could possibly be next for Green Day how about releasing three albums back to back in going on the town. -- ABC's TJ -- -- -- -- -- -- from underground punk and -- -- has serious -- commentary on the state of America. -- With 65 million albums sold -- -- -- -- It's been -- journey for lead singer Billie Joseph Armstrong. Bassist Mike turned and drummer Tre cool this is sort of the processional rock star moments -- and that in this area. We can't -- with the trio this past Saturday on their way to -- New York's Irving plaza. The scene of their first headline show in the city. All the way back in 1994. How do you keep -- -- are countless musical acts that break up because they can't stand each other anymore we actually like spending time to get and we're not on stage like we're hanging out. Once teams playing punk rock. We don't -- They are no men and all of your dad's. All around forty. All with children you know year old parents right I mean he can use to -- her crazy and are charging punk rockers and is that it's quite possible. I think it's it's good to be honest do you children let him know we really are and let him know how to live life and -- your goals and nine. Yeah be real my understand of the guitar player so we -- -- good language that we can speak can be generated through music fan I think a lot of parents. Really -- While they may have more responsibilities. Now. -- -- continues to reinvent walks startup. This Tuesday they released -- know. First album in -- trilogy. In November 2 months later they unveiled -- finally on January trek. -- -- What we're doing right now is start of the short attention span. The culture. And how things go from Snooki and jwoww today all of a sudden it's insanity work out some stuff like that it's just. The way we look at a suspect -- part of that culture where part of. Having sort of attention -- Some might consider the standard for police or risky move. Green -- nothing to consider 2000 five's American Media. Walk off -- Broadway musical now considered by Betty this seminal album of the decade. The music was a condemnation of an ambivalent America. Led by George W. Bush. We didn't know -- -- and angry -- what we had to -- are not as -- the bold statement we made. You know it's better regret something you happen. Haven't we don't really go violate with the trends are we don't really go by that -- gets what's country -- longevity. Saturday the band played with the bandit. For -- two and a half hours straight. -- the crowd into a frenzy with a mix of old. Favorites and new releases. Incredibly after all these years. All three consider this the most creative time in their careers we. Brought everything back into. What it's all about began and that writing -- Award and they'd probably -- -- including live rabies. Despite -- their success Green -- has never lost to -- with the innocence. Taking the stage for the very first time. Is it more difficult on some nights than others for -- again. I think as long as we get nervous before we we play a show that I think that's the -- that we care about what we're again and you want to bring everything happened. Leave nothing. Left on the stage -- for Nightline I'm TJ Winick in New York.

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{"id":17296603,"title":"On the Town with Green Day","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" goes behind the scenes with one of America's most iconic punk rock bands.","url":"/Nightline/video/town-green-day-17296603","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}