, The Getaway Gurus

One family puts the hotel booking and review website to the test for vacation planning.
5:44 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for, The Getaway Gurus
Gather around kids literally about the olden days back when you had to put on pants and leave the house to buy music. And -- -- trust something called a travel agent to steer you away from hotels full of bed bugs and hookers. And then came the Internet and then suddenly people were not just swapping music but travel advice and -- vacation industry has never been the same no better example. Then trip advisor dot com which went from a little start up to a now almost nine billion dollar business and help understand how and why. Nightline welcomes. ABC's Lindsay Janice -- They're very good -- Danielle Forte is a self described traveled junkie they say their vacation. -- in recent years the mother of two has become obsessed was taking family vacations. And on every single one trip advisor has been her navigator in -- This time Daniel was scouring the reviews of Jamaican resort to look for people who have done more than one review she follows the sites advice and tosses out the glowing and the -- to find opinions. She can trust. Actually this hotel I was a little concerned about the views because some of them good and some of them last. Actually not put it off lately it is it definitely been better at it like it was good for Stanley with older and younger children and my dad. In the end -- -- decides perfect marks aren't the most important and her seven year old son Jared had just one request a lazy river. -- -- -- -- -- To find out how trip advisor. -- from a fledgling idea to a public company worth roughly nine billion dollars. We took a trip to Boston the website hometown. First stop hotel commonwealth rated number one by trip advisor users meaning beat out more luxurious hotel. The secret sauce its proximity to baseball Mecca Fenway Park and one -- -- -- makes you feel like they're actually in the ballpark. The site is so important to their business the managers of this hotel monitor trip advisor daily even rewarding and coaching employees based on the reviews. The employees are aligned to really -- supervisor as their main tool to did you guess experience. Next we stopped at Sam Le -- says the top rated restaurant on the site which claims to have the world's number one sandwiches. I think they really -- -- Amazon. This thing goes beyond -- do a little bit different. This family run business has exploded in popularity doubling its business -- recent years thanks in large part they say to reviews on trip advisor. Somebody had mansion numbers they're on death row. A similar process -- -- indeed. Can -- their last. Public Grasso says that despite being tucked away in the city's financial district tourists from all over the world are biting in date so imagine you're going to London and finally we visit the place bids in generating all of these customers the nerve center of trip advisor and -- co-founder and CEO Steve -- Who became an Internet pioneer by making a business out of user generated contents. Trip advisor has the information of where all of your friends have been and what they've reviewed the site initially only offered professional travel reviews. But -- -- unexpected happen. And we put that render review -- People started clicking on it and then we watched with the next set of visitors did. And they skip the professional reviews and went straight to the real opinions and we think it's because. Well those opinions were actually written last week last month. Not published a year or two or three doing some guidebook for some newspaper someone. To -- -- recently celebrated its 100 millionth user review. With 200 million visitors to the site every month. The company made more than three quarters of a billion dollars in sales last year mostly by charging a small -- per click on hotel and restaurant web sites where it sends traffic. But -- this phenomenal growth has come critics who point out the site doesn't verify -- its users have actually bend to the places they post about it. Are you trends parent with your news editors about the frequency. Of people turning to game the system. It doesn't happen all that much and so we don't have a good way of -- with our users we have the ability to profit hotel in the -- king. If we think that they are manipulating the accuracy of the reviews. Now -- wants to make -- -- -- -- one stop shopping destination where people goat not just for reviews but to book trips and search for the cheapest prices. Bring different hotels -- -- great vacation -- it was better. How about it interest because -- as hundreds of thousands of Jews from all around the world. So travelers like Danielle can spend less time surfing the web and more time surfing that lazy river. Time for Danielle to take her trip advisor experience the full circle with a review of around. And she's giving the resort -- four out of five ratings. Which also happens to be the average score on the site what do you -- here. It found that everything was -- also is -- things develop on the steps that everything possible to ensure a good experience the -- -- really -- for lazy river and -- -- great. The -- little side note with the stairs leading up to fly -- little. Could be getting they -- writing something that needed it pains and definitely need a little laugh and it was a slippery actually -- For Nightline indeed Janice in Boston.

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{"id":19388221,"title":", The Getaway Gurus","duration":"5:44","description":"One family puts the hotel booking and review website to the test for vacation planning.","url":"/Nightline/video/tripadvisorcom-getaway-gurus-19388221","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}