Troops Come Home, Gadhafi's Last Fight

President makes a stunning announcement about U.S.'s future in Iraq.
3:00 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Troops Come Home, Gadhafi's Last Fight
Since invading Iraq 4482. Americans died there over 33000 wounded over 700 billion spent. But today the White House announced a new number zero. Sticking to a date chosen by President Bush years ago President Obama has ordered the withdrawal of all troops and ten weeks from tonight. The war in Iraq will finally be over. Across America our servicemen and women will be reunited with the friends. Today I could say that our troops in Iraq. We'll definitely. Be home for the holidays. ABC's Chris John -- -- has covered this war in this region extensively aside from family members of these men and women coming home who else is happy with this announcement. I think Iran because they'll be no more US combat troops in Iraq something Iran wanted. The US facing he's -- Austin leave you out because the prime minister could not get -- -- the pro Iran in faction in parliament. Some also very -- here in US of that probe was which has been made. Now might not be able to be consolidated. Let's -- to the other major story of the -- Libya the final hours of Moammar -- gripping new details indeed and no accident that the Iraq. Announcement was made on this day. Where they're claiming success in -- -- -- -- big questions about how Gadhafi was killed as bad as He was. It looks like He could have been summarily executed and before we show your piece a warning to you at home some of the images here. -- -- -- In the end the -- -- twenty foot and war. It was happening to thousands final moments you can even hear rebel fighters -- keep him alive if he's beaten and bloodied. Most reports say that Gadhafi had been pulled from a hiding place in his train -- -- often NATO bombs stopped his convoy. Just before his -- -- can be hood pleading for -- -- his -- did what they're doing is wrong. Some of the good that everybody Obama that you look at the -- When I I am old but -- -- that you always -- to and not -- The brutal nature of his killing has raised questions and the international community and the UN has -- for a full investigation. On the other hand still -- generations of Libyans. That many say Gaddafi is -- the end was his kind of justice. People lined up for hours outside this cold storage facility where his -- being held hoping for a glimpse of it. It was indeed indeed would -- somebody and we'll be. -- -- -- -- -- Now that the war is officially over. We're learning more details about how Gadhafi didn't doubt his final day. In an interview with IR ABN television his security chief said that Gadhafi had been hiding in his hometown of senate. Since all -- when rebels took over the capital Tripoli. But then He said as so it came under attack -- He grew anxious but was never afraid. Also captured and killed in -- Was Gaddafi son the national security advisable toxin He He is just two years ago in Washington. Meeting with secretary of state Hillary Clinton during -- -- short lived reconciliation with America. -- What a difference a revolution makes it. This was moved Thompson yesterday. BA didn't -- anti smoking one must be in his final cigarette. They -- images show him dead from a chest wound. A summary execution. Still on the land is Gaddafi son and heir apparent safe and -- -- Move -- to have been wounded yesterday. But you faithful. And for the -- That was safe when we spoke back in February. Before all this happened you would known certainly in the west for. Being -- reforma speaking the language of reform for Libya. But it didn't happen. Why we did it take. This kind of crisis can start talking about reform again wouldn't be invested to have implemented what you're talking about now -- -- before of course it was a diesel wind caught. -- -- -- -- Safe was once the darling of the west educated at England's finest schools He was often sent by his father to meet with foreign dignitaries. He was very progressive and -- back and westernized and democratic thinking. But when that crisis happened He hunkered down. Jacquelyn Frazier an American who was working with the Gadhafi is trying to bring foreign investment in Libya says safe changed -- -- the war began. -- was always the reformer who was pushing very western concepts you still believe that's true give I wouldn't say during the uprising this is that this is -- family in crisis this is a man who has reacted according to what put on him. -- who like his father pulled the red influences Max now seems to. Nobody is that this country. You -- it would -- here. And with the dictated dead the future doesn't look right through his off screen who've been -- -- the country's massive well using it as a private piggy -- With the new -- authorities want back safe is wanted by the international criminal court for war crimes. Qaddafi is -- restored to I Shah who has been hiding in Algeria with some of his siblings but -- new rule does have -- extradition. And another science idea one -- professional soccer player is on the house arrest in the African nation amnesia. What is -- -- Music why didn't He stay and fight to the last He tried to help until the end with his people -- -- family -- -- last time I think He -- realized that his father and brother were never going to. Give those people the freedoms they want it. Now that included the do you have the freedom they wanted the world watches to see what they would do it. -- what the United States is going to be looking for is the national transitional council trying to unify all of these disparate factions. We should be fighting Gadhafi much more on this week -- subsidy Christiane Amanpour thank you.

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{"id":14791039,"title":"Troops Come Home, Gadhafi's Last Fight","duration":"3:00","description":"President makes a stunning announcement about U.S.'s future in Iraq.","url":"/Nightline/video/troops-home-gadhafis-fight-14791039","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}