Trump responds to Omarosa after she releases audio she says is of the president

Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is releasing a book about her time in the White House, left her job with the Trump administration in December 2017.
7:53 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Trump responds to Omarosa after she releases audio she says is of the president
A you under an obligation that you need tal to the president? They loyal and obliga I have is D. Reporter: President trump havenc cder his friend, but trosa gault newm't exactly sound friendly toward old Bo His truly a racist. Repor themerte houseta turning the administtion and then she's called a friend for 15 ars.asing audio she secretly recorded, claiminhe is a racist whoed racial in her new book "Unhinged" which ABC N obtainedhe says president trump had been recorded using T wle working on "Tice." On nb "Meet the P" she went further, singhe's hea E tape herself. I heard his voice, as clear as Yo and I areitting here -- E heard T tape. Book. Absolutely. ? Ou know it exts I K it exist it was confirmed. What I fearehemost that Donald trumps a con and has been masqueraing as someone who is actlly open to engaging with diversemmunities. Lowlif shs a ife.orrumpiring ba on twitte "Wackyomarose never de never ll. She begged me for a job, T er . In the wte house hated her. She vicious but not smart." Adding tonige was D by the creator of " apprtice" mkburn trump tweeting that he called to sathere are no tapes of "tpprentice"here I used such terriblenddisgusting word. Don't havthat win my vocabulary and never ha she de it up. Manigault Newman L W house backdecember. This morning she released audio onnbc's "today"hot she was fired. Oma,hat's going on? I just saw on the tt you'hinking AUT having. What happened? General Kelly -- general Kelly came and said you thatuy want mleave. No.I -- nobod en tol me about nobody know,heyun big operation, butn't know it. I didn't know [ blee I don't love you leaving a Al Ror appearing to not know of her firing,ugh " press" O sundayult new says he was I've talked to him suuently, anhe delegated, "I delegated. So he knew R she says she recorded chief of STA John Kelly in the secure situation room as he was firing he claiming he locked her in. I'm only goi to for a LE O minutes. These we've got to talk to you about having the white use. There arettyig legal issues that we hope't velop into something that will make uglyor you. Is theresident aware of this? Det's not G D ths a ne discuss. D to gotiate. I neveal never had the chance to talk to you, gen if Thi myture I'd like to have ateast a opportunit to understand. We can talk another me. Th has to with some pretty seriousrityviations. So I'll let it go at that. So the staff and everyday on thstaff works for me, not the presid R: Senior administraonls telling ABC news that Manigault wman was fired F government Resos and mistmefw staff mbers. On "Fox & the W housslamming T F staffer. Her character, her intrity had been impugned beyond measure. Thhoftoinging? T to a fell employe no to mention the older of the free wld is compte disgraceful. Reporter: White house press secretaryah huckabeeanders adng "This book is riddl L false cusation When I say Donald you sayp.nald. Rr: Manigault Newman hinting a hge tapes.e recording in the situation room or whiteouse may Viola protoc, it is illegal. You have to separate out rules F law. She smso have white house rules. E are rules tt can get Y fired. Violg the law gets you imprisoned. Doesn't seem toe that what she did so F has crossed a reputn fo not telng the. Over the years people have learned the only way to pin him downecd him. As insan Repter: Therere other shocking claims in the Bo maniga new discussing trump'selationshi with daughter ivanka writing as mybservation their relationship goes up to the lineof approprtefather-daughter behavior and jumps rightver it.I belie covets his daughter." Loyalty is to herself. Booves H to write a ciousook like th because she is fueled by the N. Reporter: It's all a stunning reversal F the woman sat down with last December days after her rt do you T president is race snift. Absolut no iouldev someone whoelieved to brist. Orter: Andhe assureds E president was sad to see her Is upt no longer going to be on his te Heaso lea O parture. I assumed that general Kelly H ld theresiation, and I regret he found out about it on thtelevision. Do you respect Gener kell Ohsolutely. I the contribution that he's made this Repter: It's just the la chapter in Manigault wman's lonomplicated story with donal trump. Once portrays the villain on his re showthe Prentice she's called trump iend ever sce H first fire back in 2004. Omarosaasgo. You're fired. Reporr:rought her pencnt for a fight into Politi, becominghe white houseirector of communications for the off of the public liaison, one of the est-pied white house staffers, bringing nearly ,000year. Manit Newman was T hit-ranking African-American in the wte her departureving a cop abscef diversity white Hou a lacking . Fromenior officials to interns. W the most pnent high-lev adviser to the president on the west staff right Africaer Yes. I would say that -- first of L, youotally not covering development and rld-renowned -- I'm aing you about the white house staff. I'as about theeople the present sit everyday. He's -- well, psident work withecretary Carson every day. Trying bakheac -- Who thes in the white house staff right now? E have jarron, who's done a fabulous job. Thetoms there is very little diversity on the white house staff. Jarrh, a Sal ASANT to thepresident. Hes wn whites staff. He worksore prident. But H a a significantly lower level than Oma. The whiteouse has reportedly asked staffers to signnon-disclosure agreements ornda trp today tweeting omarosa aea a fully signed n-disclo agreement." Migault Newman says she 'T sig an nda and the INGs she'sel far WER class relea tm is not a could change. Iouldn'teprised if the white house tries T assify as much information latin to omaro possible so that if and whereleases anythi else they that' classifiedinfoation, now we can charg yh a crime. Are youorried abohis ration? I fear no no man. My relationship with god me not fear anyone but him.

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{"duration":"7:53","description":"Omarosa Manigault Newman, who is releasing a book about her time in the White House, left her job with the Trump administration in December 2017.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57162977","title":"Trump responds to Omarosa after she releases audio she says is of the president","url":"/Nightline/video/trump-responds-omarosa-releases-audio-president-57162977"}