Trump touts success at the border while authorities prepare for more violence

During a speech in Texas, the president did not express regret for last week’s insurrection. Authorities are tracking the possibility of violence next week when Joe Biden is inaugurated.
9:34 | 01/13/21

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Transcript for Trump touts success at the border while authorities prepare for more violence
The call lasted 27 seconds. Reporter: Congress woman Norma torres worried this might be the last time she spoke to her son. All I could say, "Sweetheart, I'm okay, I'm running for my life." And I hung up. Reporter: She was one of the hundreds of members of congress trapped in the capitol as a violent mob laid siege. The Democrat from California earlier today urging vp pence to declare the president unfit and remove him from office. There's so many people who think, just let president trump walk out the door. Why create more division by calling on vice president pence to invoke the 25th amendment? Or by following through with impeachment? We are a country of laws. And rules. And our constitution has to be preserved. We cannot let him get away with bringing rioters to the people's house. Reporter: Tonight, vice president pence said he would not invoke the 25th amendment, writing, now is the time to heal. Democrats are now moving quickly to impeachment proceedings, charging the president with incitement of insurrection. The house will vote to impeach, the articles of impeachment are sent to the senate, the senate is required to hold a trial. They could delay that until after the president leaves office, then the question becomes, can they vote to convict a president who no longer holds the office? Reporter: Republican congresswoman list Cheney of Wyoming announced she will vote to impeach. The president of the united States summoned this mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack, she says. This is a big deal. She not only is saying she will vote to impeach, but her words couldn't be more damning about the president's actions. Reporter: Cheney, a powerful voice in congress, the third-highest ranking Republican in the house, and daughter of former vice president dick Cheney. Her announcement earth-shattering saying, there has never been a greater betrayal bit president of the United States of his office and his oath to the constitution. I believe this will be a green light for more Republicans in the house to vote to impeach, but it will also be a big signal to the senate. I believe that this action tonight makes it more likely that the senate will ultimately vote to convict Donald Trump of impeachment, impeachable offenses, by a two-thirds majority. Reporter: ABC news has confirmed senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell is furious with president trump, believing he committed impeachable offenses, is welcoming the Democrats' house impeachment efforts. He's open to having a trial in the senate. And that holding the president responsible for that. The question is, does Mitch Mcconnell bring some undecided or leans against that along in the process and moves forward fast? Reporter: A vote on impeaching the president for an historic second time could come as early as tomorrow. Today in his first public remarks since a mob of his supporters attacked the capitol, the president was defiant. The impeachment hoax is a continuation of the greatest and most vicious witch hunt in the history of our country and is causing tremendous anger and division and pain. He is hours away from staring down a possible impeachment, the second impeachment, making him the first president in American history to be impeached twice. He says that it's a witch hunt. So we're back to president trump leveling these threats, some would say the very threats that got us to an insurrection in the first place. Reporter: The president was speaking in Alamo, Texas, ignoring the swirling controversy. There are two competing versions of reality at play here. President trump's reality, which is delusional, and the actual reality that's happening on the ground as he is out there touring this border wall what he views as one of his proudest accomplishments since taking Reporter: As he left Washington this morning, the president expressed no regret about his speech to the crowd that later attacked the capitol. People thought that what I said was totally appropriate. What trump did today, what I mean blaming others for what he caused, is a pathological technique used by the worst of dictators. He made it clear he has absolutely no remorse for his words right before the attack on the capitol. And the fact that he went out there and said that he did nothing wrong at all was not what Republicans were looking for. Reporter: As the country reels from last week's failed insurrection, ABC news learning that the FBI's Norfolk, Virginia, office warned of growing calls for violence in an internal bulletin. One online thread stating, be ready to fight, congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and go there ready for war, we get our president or we die. The FBI saying intelligence was raw and didn't name specific individuals. Officials today saying the rioters were well organized with communications equipment and military expertise. People are going to be shocked with some of the egregious contact that happened within the capitol. Reporter: The FBI releasing new images of the person suspected of planting those two pipe bombs, showing a distinctive backpack and shoes, also revealing the bombs were equipped with timers. Law enforcement tracking down hundreds of other rioters. Aaron mestoski among them, seen holding a capitol police officer's shield, son of a new York City judge. He was arrest the this morning. Jake Angeli is now in an Arizona jail, facing multiple charges. His mother says he initially refused to eat since turning himself in this weekend. He gets very sick if he doesn't eat organic food, literally will get physically sick. Reporter: Federal and state authorities prepare for potentially even more unrest and violence next week. Capitol police telling house Democrats, they're preparing for more than 10,000 armed trump supporters to descend on the capitol for the inauguration. Retired special agent Eric Jackson ran the FBI's Dallas bureau. The lesson learned from Washington, D.C. That I think all law enforcement needs to learn is, it's coordination. But also, most important, that you have the resources to come and provide aid if necessary. Reporter: With Joe Biden's inauguration just one week away, law enforcement across the country is racing to contain ongoing threats. Every American citizen has a responsibility to protect this nation. And that means sometimes bringing friends, family members, and others to the highlight of law enforcement. It's to not only safeguard them, to help them, but also to prevent something terrible from happening to this nation. Reporter: In the waning days of his presidency, Donald Trump's trip to the border was an attempt to highlight his hardline immigration stance. We worked long and hard to get this done. They said it couldn't be done. And we got it done. Reporter: He used family separation as a deterrent to migration. And he down the asylum process, triggering a humanitarian crisis along the southern border. The president went to Texas today to show off his accomplishments at the border wall. Your reaction? It is laughable. That this moment of time, when we have so many Americans that have lost their lives, they have lost family members due to this raging pandemic, that the president of the United States chooses to close out his four-year term by continuing to incite racism, promote racism, and incite violence against Americans like myself. Reporter: But even his attempts to draw attention away from his pending second impeachment was a reminder of how the president's rhetoric has had real-world consequences. In the summer of 2019, a lone gunman laid siege to an El Paso Walmart, killing 22 people, before his attack the gunman posted a manifesto echoing much of president trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric. Given the climate and the ugliness and the repeated attacks on immigrants that we have seen from this administration, and from the president himself, a lot of people weren't surprised when we saw what happened on the capitol and said, we've heard this drumbeat, this has been a steady drumbeat from president trump from day one. Reporter: For congresswoman torres, an immigrant from Guatemala, the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th cannot come soon enough. Your son is a law enforcement officer, and you said that as a law enforcement officer, some of his colleagues were planning to come to the inauguration? Colleagues, and my son and his wife were coming to watch the peaceful transfer of power. They were very excited about being here and being here with me. I know that my constituents and Americans across the U.S. Are very excited about seeing this process, but right now it is not the time for you, because it is not safe for you to be here.

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{"duration":"9:34","description":"During a speech in Texas, the president did not express regret for last week’s insurrection. Authorities are tracking the possibility of violence next week when Joe Biden is inaugurated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75215585","title":"Trump touts success at the border while authorities prepare for more violence","url":"/Nightline/video/trump-touts-success-border-authorities-prepare-violence-75215585"}