Tucson Victim's Parents Tell Her Story

Parents of Christina-Taylor Green, 9, wrote a book about her life after she died
3:00 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Tucson Victim's Parents Tell Her Story
One year ago this Sunday in Tucson Arizona -- 22 year old man with a shaved head cost to Safeway parking lot. Drew a pistol and shot congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others killing six. The youngest victim was nine year old Christina Taylor Green. Her life strangely book ended by American tragedies. She'd been born. On 9/11. Tonight her parents speak with me about their inspiring daughter and their lives now. She might have become any of the things her nine year old -- -- jobs. -- baseball player I'm Dr. Even president. But the days it should have been just another Tucson morning ended in unimaginable. Sorrow. I need McCain to pick up Christina -- 945. And she was announced he's -- efforts -- -- very excited to go in. She had questions ready and I just told I'd love Daryn in each undersea -- and and you win back in the house. -- because it was little bit chilly in the morning so I went and got -- heading analysts had a big key sign on the back. But no seatbelt or putting your mother's love -- protect Christina Taylor that morning. A gunman's bullets ripped through the parking lot. And when the shooting was done thirteen people were wounded many gravely including congresswoman Gifford. Six were dead the youngest Christina Taylor. We're here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I kept on pinching myself in the arm turnover down I had red -- because I thought I was a really bad nightmare. I was gonna wake up any minute. But the tragedy was all too -- The loss too painful. -- little girl was laid to rest with family friends and her Little League teammates looking long. Four days after the shooting President Obama honored the fallen and hope cristina's unfulfilled dreams -- as a symbol for the nation. I want to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as Christina imagined it. America to be as good. As she imagined it. And that now famous line has become the title of -- in -- -- new book about her daughter's life death and -- she touched. Over the holiday is cristina's parents and her brother Dallas met with congresswoman Gabby Giffords for the first time. Giffords husband the astronaut mark Kelly -- deeply touched the greens by attending Christine is memorial. While his wife was still fighting for her life -- -- together home home. Discuss hugged each other. Support -- terrorists -- you know. We're -- were all in this together -- also be okay let's just. Where we're make sure they didn't harbor -- Guilt. In the matter so issue comforting them yeah Madrid conference. -- -- -- But it was nice to tell her in person that you know we love our pain free in Ireland -- get better every day. Remarkably Roxanne and John -- say they are not filled with anger. Not even towards the accused gunman. We wrote we don't really want to talk about. Or gunmen futures. We we go through when we feel like they're glorifies his position. Bad things happen of course when he sat. But anger is never -- our lives. You know are facing garden and not give me angry. I think there's really will help -- Be where we are today. -- much argument and everything. Supple as you can fluid goes up. I'm I can -- -- yeah -- be put. We do know -- have to happen because I think that would. -- tours depart -- you write in the book that the two of you have different views on the death penalty opposed. In favor. To afford but it would it give you comfort if he was executed. Barbara. Corcoran Group. Time is not -- their loss but it has given the musical. It started a foundation in their daughter's name one more way of keeping the -- meaning. There's times -- Most afraid to -- to move all. Tennis court order to stop talking about it four. -- at some point the country's gonna move on you know that's where -- felt it was important to tell the story. You -- anyone forget about her she is an amazing little girl and Susan. Amazing story. -- -- she's doing great things up and have them but she did it. Exceptional work in the nine years of his hair and that's what -- stories about incidents are historians historians hope. Put it to -- a pretty uninspiring. He -- back.

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{"id":15293518,"title":"Tucson Victim's Parents Tell Her Story","duration":"3:00","description":"Parents of Christina-Taylor Green, 9, wrote a book about her life after she died","url":"/Nightline/video/tucson-victims-parents-story-15293518","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}