Tween Heavy Metal Rockers Score Record Deal

These Brooklyn eighth graders of the band "Unlocking the Truth" are making music history.
5:04 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Tween Heavy Metal Rockers Score Record Deal
While most kids in junior high are planning summer activities or sports or even camp, tonight you're going to meet some tweens planning a national tour with their band. A heavy metal band that has improbably become an industry sensation. And just landed them a nearly $2 million deal. Here's my "Nightline" co-anchor Dan Harris. Reporter: If you are at all tempted, consciously or subconsciously, to June a book by its cover prepare to be extremely surprised by the music these three kids make. ? Reporter: They're called unlocking the truth. Three tweens from New York City. What do you like about metal? You can play anything you want, you're good enough to play anything you want, why metal? It's fun. Reporter: Malcolm, Garrett, and Alex are genuinely making wave in the music world, appearing on commercials and playing massive festivals. Their counter intuitive musical odyssey began when they were young kids and Malcolm's dad would take his son and jerhd to pro wrestling shows where the background music was metal. Then you decided, we're going to play metal? Yeah. It sucks. It sucks? You have to practice. We got good in 2012. Reporter: They added Alex on bass and started playing the streets of times square. At first the whole metal thing -- skinny jeans, nail Polish -- did not go over well at school. The boys were bullied, called names. What things did people say to you? Gay. Different variations of it. Because you're painting your nails? They'd stay . Call you gay, homosexual, ansexual, bisexual. Reporter: Then they videos started to go viral. They were invited to play real shows. They were featured in this Cole Hahn Christmas ad. Then given a cameo in a dre commercial which conferred upon them street cred and changed the way they were treated. Oh, we saw you on commercial! Yeah. Reporter: Now they're a legit band. They're playing bigger and bigger venues including cochella where Malcolm did this crowd surfing. Days ago the big news, the big fish, a nearly $2 million, five-record deal with Sony. No one's more excited than their manager, or momager, Malcolm's mother, or their number one cheerleader, Malcolm's dad. I sleep and eat and drink these kids. It might sound like I'm bragging about these kids, but I'm just like the proudest dad in the world. Reporter: Not long ago they let "Nightline" sit in on a band practice in Malcolm's parents' basement. All of the kids' parents were there, ear plugs were handed out. ? heavy metal was played. Snacks were set out by Malcolm's mom. ? That is incredibly impressive. Wow, wow. You feel like you're sitting in the room with people who are going to be stars and aren't yet. Wow. Wow. We'll be able to say, we were here when they were 12. You know? ? That's intimidating but I'll try it. Reporter: They may be rising stars but they were cool enough to let an old man sit in on drums. ? That's the nicest thing anybody's said to me. I'm close on that one? Yeah, really. You play with so much intensity. Put me in your head when you're playing. I want to impress people. Yeah. It worked. What do the three of you think of Justin Bieber? ? Baby baby baby ? Oh. Train wreck. Oh, god. What about his music? His music -- Is good. Yeah, his music is good for those girls who like him. Reporter: The next big step for this band, they plan to add vocals soon once they hit puberty and their voices change. It's about being who you want to be. Do the let anybody knock you down. Reporter: And there it is. As trite as it may sound that's what these kids embody. They have truly lived out that age-old inspirational message. If you have a dream, go for it. No matter what anybody says. Anything else that you want to say now that we're here? Stay true to yourself. Yeah. Stay true to yourself, don't let anybody knock you down. You have dreams, they're going

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{"id":24562170,"title":"Tween Heavy Metal Rockers Score Record Deal","duration":"5:04","description":"These Brooklyn eighth graders of the band \"Unlocking the Truth\" are making music history.","url":"/Nightline/video/tween-heavy-metal-rockers-score-record-deal-24562170","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}