Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day

Part 2: 2,000 couples, some matched by Mrs. Moon days before, gather outside Seoul, Korea to be wed.
5:38 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day
The buses arrive at the enormous unification stadium, the second biggest arena in Asia. 2,000 couples, many with the vision of unifying all nations. She was upset? It seems as though nerves have gotten the best of one of our grooms. Do you think he was sick or nervous? Nervous. Yeah? How are you feeling now? Why were you in the bathroom? Before the ceremony, I am feeling nervous. Our cameras weren't allowed in the private ceremony were they were matched just three days ago. But the church provided us this footage of a past ceremony from when the reverend moon was still alive, which shows a similar seen. Tell us what the match ceremony was like. He said, to the boys to the fiances. And that is how he chose me. Oh, my goodness. 30 seconds. And your entire lifetime is determined. As couples line up ready to take their places in the arena, they await the most important guests. True mother, who on this day, is traveling in a Bentley motor kad. The widow lives in a hill top estate. A castle models after the U.S. Capitol building. We ask her to remind us of her fiance's name? She can't remember his name. You don't remember his name? She literally forgot her husband's name. No turns back now,s the ceremony is about to begin. ♪ Prosiesiding over the event is true mother. She sprinkles water over the couples to erase their sin. Many of the couples have clearly pulled a all nighter but soon begin an unusual wedding program Ta will be sure to wake everybody up. Church members from around the world perform for the brides and grooms. Oh, my god, they are -- look! One point, performers act out a private unification ritual. Those not born in the faith, brides and grooms hit each other. Other, boy, in orderer to symbolically beat out past sins. Watching it all is true mother from her throne. Even though rev rant moon died two years ago there is an empty chair for the man most people here believe is the messiah. At last, the moment they have been waiting for. It's time for them to make their holy vows to their true mother. And finally, to each other through the exchange of rings. ♪ How do you feel? Feeling great. Yeah? Yeah. That was quick, actually. Yeah. You like the music? Yeah. Not my type of genre. But I appreciate the quality of the performance. Done. It was beautiful. 4,000 people, some virtual tra strangers, are now married couples. I felt it was a moment. Most will sleep apart for 40 more nights as a final act of faith. But as true mother will say, they will have eternity to get to know each other.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Part 2: 2,000 couples, some matched by Mrs. Moon days before, gather outside Seoul, Korea to be wed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23309628","title":"Unification Church Mass Wedding: The Big Day","url":"/Nightline/video/unification-church-mass-wedding-big-day-23309628"}