Uno's New Approach to Casual Dining

Pizza chain hosts healthy meal options and full list of nutrition details.
5:42 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Uno's New Approach to Casual Dining
-- it's 838 billion dollar a year business so why mess with it. -- yet one of the biggest pizza chains in the country uno Chicago grill says. A pizza revolution is coming it's not just -- -- anymore. Think gluten wheat crust and other healthy bites to see you want those -- people are up to relented when those tents kitchen just outside of Boston. -- -- -- -- It's the crusty cheesy post so good food nearly everybody -- Pizza. Over three billion of them sold in the US it. That's 46 license for every man woman and child in the country. -- hold the pepperoni. In fact pulled the crust. And we're gonna make today a pizza that we created all the summer -- All to bring -- You heard him multi grain deep ditch Chris Scotto is a chef who thinks it's time to reinvent the -- Personally there as well but some pestilence I got a brush for -- God it was executive chef and one of the biggest pizza chains in the country. So it got some roasted red peppers his -- CEO frank -- our uno Chicago grill. -- beautiful formally pizzeria uno. The home of the first deep dish pizza. Made famous on the Chicago corner this is -- nine -- cross which we introduced this year. We have a gluten free products we have -- all natural -- a multi brand. So is your position every single item on -- menu is -- -- every item on that menu as healthy ingredients that like a French -- If anybody has French Fries -- -- -- -- write -- French Fries made with trans fat free oil and that's the idea. Prepare them less healthy items on the menu with the very best ingredients. And introduce a whole series of really healthy alternatives. Like joined bono's. My attitude was that casual dining restaurants terrible. I mean -- and casual dining reasons why would it take over -- casual dining company. He says in part because it's good business unos made 390 million dollars last year -- -- -- standpoint. -- -- a third of all meals are eaten casual dining restaurants. A third of all meals eaten -- and -- And the good business for -- -- it's also personal. -- wife Janet. That brain cancer 1984. And as -- watched her deteriorate. My passion for health -- -- -- his passion is paying off. Three years after he took over -- it was collected by health magazine as the healthiest chain restaurant. In the country. -- -- -- so much about what's going on his menu. He himself goes and samples the -- he's been tasting tomatoes with many costs -- cost to produce. The more than a decade. Taste they're delicious -- like -- -- -- want to -- Level would really have. Back in the kitchen -- and his -- -- sampling five possible items for this summer's menu. So I get. Blame me. Well there are two pizzas to try issuers and your grandmother's -- are doing. Also on the menu a summer salad with oranges and omens. Marilyn black rice salads and salmon with Jimmy cherries saw all winners as far as I was concerned. -- -- -- I would not last long is tasting this. But despite many positive changes I have bone to pick with the -- about -- Why don't you put -- -- on them. -- is important. Will be the critical. People died from having. 23 Carolina some doctors would argue with you says that when people become obese and morbidly obese they get all kinds of diseases that can count. -- argue the point that's correct right. Somewhat but apparently. But we did we for kiosks in front of our restaurants so if a customer. Has high blood pressure it -- tell them -- the items recommends if you have I put pressure. I do have one beef with -- kiosk which is that a lot of the food. Is actually two portions. Counts. Right so it locks batter -- -- to a casual reader than it actually is on the items like this cheese and tomato pizza is listed at 580 calories. That's if you -- a third of -- otherwise it's over 15100 calorie. You think that -- -- more transparent. I do -- the kind of falls FDA guidelines but I realized that it could be. Misconstrue. But calorie -- in kiosk aside there is clearly something good happening at the know. A sense of higher purpose with pizza. While Americans at home were tuned into the Super Bowl Sunday US troops serving in Afghanistan were watching to the while munching on 101000. Who knows deep dish -- Good had sent special delivery. -- -- When you hope that makes them feel Republicans would cure culture and can't -- that welcome home. I mean obviously the pizza doesn't deliver that message but I think all night advance and made us.

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{"id":15561015,"title":"Uno's New Approach to Casual Dining","duration":"5:42","description":"Pizza chain hosts healthy meal options and full list of nutrition details.","url":"/Nightline/video/unos-approach-casual-dining-15561015","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}