US Hospitals Sporting Fast Food Chains Amid Obesity Epidemic

As we battle an obesity epidemic, many hospitals have fast food franchises inside them.
3:00 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for US Hospitals Sporting Fast Food Chains Amid Obesity Epidemic
I think that fast food like burgers Fries and sodas and the last things you'd find in a hospital but. In many around the country places where heart disease diabetes and other ailments assisting with the obesity are being treated. Fast food restaurants are popping up almost as quickly as the meals they sir. ABC's -- Davis investigates this recipe for controversy. Burgers Fries and soda have saturated the American landscape. Even in the most unlikely places. Where some people seem to be shy to be on camera. What looks a lot like a food court at the mall. This is a hospital this same place we go to get healthy and to combat diseases like diabetes cardiac arrest in obesity. This is some of what's on the menu. While there are of course salads and -- for -- in the cafeteria many hospitals across the nation have a fast food franchise in the. It's ironic it's tragic and shouldn't be that way we need to keep those outlets away from healing place -- a hospital food plays a huge role. In the health of healing of people. Susan Levine -- hand dietitian with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Which released -- report on the worst hospital food environments at children's hospitals. What did you find we found a lot -- -- fast food outlets and hospitals. Qwest high fat high calorie. And helpful -- served in the cafeterias as well one of the worst offenders according to the physicians committee. She -- Children's Hospital. But I would say that they're getting wrong I think you'll find that we are one of the superior hospitals in the United States. Doctor Scott risky -- the chief of pediatrics a chance hospital also told ABC news nutrition is an issue that we take very seriously. And that the report had many inaccuracies. He added that patients do not regularly eat at either the hospital cafeteria -- these franchises. But -- day or their families find their way to the hospital food court when they do so they'll have a variety of food choices just as our employees do. Most -- we spoke to here at the hospital aren't exactly complainant. About the fast food choices. Was great. You come here and you're upset and he doesn't have that comfort food and there's lots of things to -- firm and that's what we need is to be comforted that. After reviewing the positions committee's report chance hospital responded insisting that not all of the fast food chains are physically located inside the hospital. Some are actually right by -- main entrance in a statement to ABC news a hospital said. The choices offered are similar to what a person would find on main street US -- and healthy options are available at these outlets. And just like main street hospitals are no different. He's part of their business plan. Evening news. And making profits and -- -- -- used them. -- you -- on a little bit of a conflict of interest there. Keeping patient care going comes at a very steep cost and some doctors like doctor Jessica -- in the very people they're trying to save. Application at McDonald's and -- I think diabetics do are sitting there telling me their regular diet -- -- ending Mack went again and dollars come together. So now I don't like now. We saw -- all hospital staff doctors and yes patients filling up on fast food that's an optics issue. And perhaps any conflict of mission issue. And and we're dealing with that. Johnny blue for does CEO with Truman hospital has been rather vocal about his -- taste for fast food on campus. Isn't that tantamount to having an alcohol then there. In the same building that has a AB. To some extent I tend to agree with that. There is some inconsistencies. However there here are some logical reasons logical reasons why don't children's hospitals and the -- ability and anxiety that might be surrounding illness of that family -- There is a fast food outlet in -- -- hospital those kids are four times as likely to eat from that fast food outlet. And unfortunately the guardians and parents at -- kids are likely to have a false perception that that food is healthier. One month after Nightline's visit the McDonald's was closed after both parties made -- decision to end the twenty year relationship. In a statement -- ABC news McDonnell said. As always we will continue to engage in dialogue with our customers and with experts to determine future opportunities to offer expanded menu choices and information that enable our customers to make the choices that are right for them. As for Truman hospital doctor blue -- -- says he's pleased saying the vacated McDonald's footprint will allow us to increase our health literacy programs. Healthy eating initiatives that are disease specific. And medication compliance efforts. We have these opportunities as better. Better for everyone. -- do you think. There's no place for fast food and hospitals I think there is no place for fast -- and hospitals has I don't think those restaurants. Having interest in kids -- health -- have an interest in making money. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis in Kansas City, Missouri.

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{"id":18937398,"title":"US Hospitals Sporting Fast Food Chains Amid Obesity Epidemic","duration":"3:00","description":"As we battle an obesity epidemic, many hospitals have fast food franchises inside them. ","url":"/Nightline/video/us-hospitals-sporting-fast-food-chains-18937398","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}