US Troops Caught in Taliban Firefight Struggle After War

Members of the 101st Airborne talk about dealing with life at home after fighting in Afghanistan.
5:53 | 05/24/14

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Transcript for US Troops Caught in Taliban Firefight Struggle After War
women. Many find that a battle first waged in a far away land continues when they're home. Tonight, ABC's father/son reporting team, Mike and Carlos Becher take us inside some of their most harrowing moments in Afghanistan. A story we first told on "Nightline" and now featured in their new documentary "The hornet's nest" we revisit the soldiers for our series "American valor." Home to some of the most brutal fighting in the Afghanistan war. The situation right now. They're shooting. For soldiers of the 101st airborne battalion this was their battle. This is his home. This is his sanctuary. This is his neighborhood. No one has ever dared to go in there T you th there. Just days from going home they must undertake a final fight to try to take out an Al Qaeda and Taliban leader. You really have 16 days left. Yes. I joined 400 soldiers. Not knowing that the next nine days would change all of our lives. We had landed in the hornet's nest. We are shooting. We have got contact up on the hill Northwest. This was command and control for the Taliban right here and they were going to make us pay. . I got one gunshot wound to the neck. And one gunshot wound to the leg. I could hear the radio calls coming in. I need that medevac now. You don't know who you are until that moment. When you know some one is dying, if you don't get it. And you might die trying to save them. They were not fighting for some war on terror, they were fighting for their buddies. . What happened? Three casualties. As the battle waged more than a week, six men would give their lives. Five silver stars would be award Ford valor. And 132 Taliban or Al Qaeda fighters killed. Their leader, forced out of the valley. Roll call! Major. Specialist -- specialists Jamison L. Every soldier in no slack knows if that time comes that the honor and respect is bestowed on them for their ultimate sacrifice will always be met. Command sergeant major Chris fields didn't know the camera was rolling. These were his men. But no one else was around, he walked up, and let the entire war come out right there. And you went down and you broke down what was in your heart then? There is not a moment that goes by that -- that remembrance of that. I knew them. It is three years later. And I sit down with some of those I met on the battlefield. Does it seem further away after three years? No. It's still there. It's tough. Some have chosen to stay in the military. That's all I ever thought about doing. All I ever want to do. Be an infantry line medic. Or there. It was like the super bowl of everything that we trained for. But all that struggle with what happened there. Going from that and then coming home and having your family so excited to see you. I have, I had to relearn and figure out how do I even talk to my mother and father. I was just -- so alone, you know? Being a combat medic. One of the roughest job east jobs. Everything, piece by piece fell apart. Every one of these individuals and thousand more have felt in the pit of their stomach is this my day? And so -- you can't just explain it with words. ? for field the darkness almost consumed him. I was on the verge of making a very, very difficult dark desin decision in my life. I was right there, locked, cocked, ready to go. Why didn't you pull the tryinger? A -- trigger? An nco was saying. You don't. Fields made healing his new mission. I had some very, very dark days. I know if I am that dark point, that there are thousand upon thousand that are in that same boat. For me it is now a different fight. ? Announcer: The following is a paid presentation by brain research labs. Hello, my name is Alan Pratt,

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Members of the 101st Airborne talk about dealing with life at home after fighting in Afghanistan. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23853524","title":"US Troops Caught in Taliban Firefight Struggle After War","url":"/Nightline/video/us-troops-caught-taliban-firefight-struggle-war-23853524"}