US Women's Soccer Team Earns Popularity With Off-Field Antics

Players known for tough soccer and being controversial, with Hope Solo at the center of it all.
3:00 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for US Women's Soccer Team Earns Popularity With Off-Field Antics
US women's soccer team -- some of the finest athletes in the world but it can -- leagues away from the world men's sports these ladies. Are fighting for recognition through any means necessary. Oh and they're not afraid to use their womanly wiles to get there here's ABC's Amy robot. On some breakout stars breaking all the boundaries. These women are making US soccer sexy and hot Miami they learn -- US women's soccer team. Posing for Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and ESPN's but the issue -- -- not. -- beautiful but they are also salute the world's most talented -- -- With -- gold medals the US women's soccer team is ranked number one in the world. Winning against arch rival -- in London 2012 Olympics. And at the center of that I won't goalkeeper hope so. One of the single most recognizable and talented soccer players on the plant. With big time endorsements from Gatorade -- -- it gives you results in ninety. Even a stint on Dancing With The Stars. She has all of this in part because she has an attitude. Hope is that tough talking to revel in the world of women's sports books and -- about -- I am my hand at the end of the day. I'm an athlete that wants to win the all star goalie -- -- US team to Olympic schools. But despite the team's success. Turning US women's soccer into a profitable sport has been fulfilled them. Pretend they about the women's game and that means selling these beautiful stadiums. I -- selling tickets. And selling tickets is more than just good -- when. Image is everything. Being known as the bad -- of soccer hasn't hurt she doesn't believe in nine cities or humility from her Twitter -- with teammates. To Baring -- all for ESPN's -- issue. I'm -- to be it a female athlete you know you -- Latinos are asked again the united assist me out that -- flat -- that's world championships at this but when that development of like her or not restore power has helped bring women something into the big time and with it. And these ratings. To be tough to be strong to not care what people think all of a sudden they're dollar signs after that big dollars. And and that's what hope so it's all about. Biggest controversy in hope's career came in 2007. The coach biggest hope right before the final match in the World Cup against Brazil and when the team -- -- crushing loss Pope spoke her mind. It was -- assistant and I think anybody that has about -- -- that you. We're not afraid to dress down your coach when he benched him. Well but did not yet and then you -- OK so I don't know I didn't I didn't test data and my cuts -- -- -- -- -- -- I fully believe and my ability to that was confidential but Atlanta Atlanta I think that -- -- -- -- -- indictment -- its. Hope isn't trying to make friends and doesn't think she should have to. I west out of that comment I suffered -- Fred and Kim acts on their -- stuff here although being typecast as the mean girls. Hasn't been easy. It has paid off. And one of the best goalkeepers this country's ever seen and people -- let me. -- -- -- me Hope Solo star status and sexy bad girl image has paved the way -- her teammates. We spend time with these -- practicing for a game against South Korea. How do you get your fans to really be that the types of fans -- -- for like the NFL the NBA keep winning. Concession that I felt. I think now there are -- different personalities on the team and there's. That's kind of something forever on the women of US soccer are now putting it all out there for fans. Exposing their outspoken personalities. And favorite -- -- moments fund social media. Yeah you're getting cash relates some -- realize -- network so normal and we're so goofy we really are. Marcella and in people's faces and in and people's living to get used to that the strong female athlete with a recognizable personality. This is a trend that is just beginning. Is 2015 going to be -- -- To get that World Cup I -- -- got a faint cranky got a bullying and I think everybody is playing for a national team at the moment. It's -- -- when I mean he broke up in Harrison New Jersey.

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{"id":19778545,"title":"US Women's Soccer Team Earns Popularity With Off-Field Antics","duration":"3:00","description":"Players known for tough soccer and being controversial, with Hope Solo at the center of it all.","url":"/Nightline/video/us-womens-soccer-team-earns-popularity-off-field-19778545","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}