For Utah Family, Guns Are a Revered Family Tradition

Part 2: The Laveres taught their two young children how to shoot at an early age.
3:00 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for For Utah Family, Guns Are a Revered Family Tradition
Morning in chicago. In a year that has seen over 400 gunshot deaths here, pete wraps up another busy night by visiting a few of those statistics at the morgue. We have to, for the sake of having a record, know when people are getting killed. Like that matters. The names matter. The stories matter. A gunshot wound. While at cook county hospital, another day begins with another bullet wound roll call. A 17-year-old with multiple gunshot wounds. Ems did say they removed one bullet. Critical care nurse gloria hall has seen enough. A nine millimeter. You have your tech nines. You have your assault rifles. People are coming in with holes so big, it's unbelievable. But for every place conditioned to equate bullets with pain, there is another corner of america where guns bring pure joy. Like utah, where the butler family is down at the quartry. They invited juju chang to through this eye, right? Reporter:4-year-old gauge butler needs a little help from dad to aim his ..22 caliber rifle. Now what can you do? Put your finger on the trigger. Squeeze one off when you're ready. Okay, let's grab your gun then. Reporter: Gauge's older sister brayley told me she got her rifle as a 4th birthday present. Oh, my head! Did you get too close? You know what that's called? Getting scoped. Reporter: Their dad casey is passing down a revered family tradition. His rugged outdoor escapades on youtube include ice fishing in idaho, bear hunting with a bow and arrow. But mostly, hunting game with high caliber rifles. Boom! Good shot, bud. You see you nailed it? Yeah. Give me five. Reporter: A lot of people don't think children should be shooting guns. I agree to some extent. Some children shouldn't be shooting guns. Some adults shouldn't be shooting guns. With my kids, I always teach them responsibility. Reporter: How many guns does your house have? Like 13 or so. Reporter: What are they for? For protecting us and for hunting. I like to go hunting with my dad because I like shooting my gun and I like memories. Reporter: Their mom caylee thinks gun owners are often misunderstood. We want people to know that we're just regular people. We're not like shooting everything and pulling our guns out and playing with guns all the time. We are very responsible and respectful of guns. It's locked. You can't get into it. I guess if you're really wanting to get in, you could break the glass. But there's just guns in here. You can break the glass, take the gun out, it's just a gun. All my bullets and ammunition is in this one, which you obviously can't get into. I'm not worried about my kids getting into guns because they know you're not supposed to get around a gun unless what? Parent supervision. Reporter: So you don't feel nervous with guns in the house? Not at all. I grew up with my parents having guns and my grandparents having guns and my friends' parents having guns. Reporter: So you're well versed in gun safety. Right. We learned it at a young age. Reporter: Guns put food on the table. Let's eat. Reporter: Tonight it's venison steaks, courtesy of a recent hunt. TOÑi ME, IT'S IMPORTANT BECAUSE It's my livelihood. It supplies food and my kids like to g out and do it. As the sunsets in utah, the action is just heating up at the eagle gun range in dallas. A place that offers pictures with santa and his ar-15 bushmaster. Ho-ho-ho, merry christmas. Anything to get the kids in and have something fun to do. David prince runs the range. Do birthday parties, bachelor parties. And yes, even ladies night, where the range is filled with pink guns, pink targets, and a little friendly sass. Not going to break a nail. It's a different kind of girls night out. The women really have taken on to the sport. They quadruple the number in the last five years. It's just nice to see women coming together and shooting guns. Usually people are like oh, guns, it's scary. But now I love shooting my gun. Okay, you're a badass. Back in chicago, dr. Andrew dennis is among those who enjoy a trip to the shooting range, but he knows that much like his scalpel, guns are tools that can help or harm. He's among the countless people wondering where we can find a common sense fix. Can america live by the gun without dying by the gun? The search for solutions when we

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{"id":18032335,"title":"For Utah Family, Guns Are a Revered Family Tradition","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: The Laveres taught their two young children how to shoot at an early age.","url":"/Nightline/video/utah-family-guns-revered-family-tradition-18032335","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}