Vegan Black Metal Chef

Brian Manowitz is the star of a popular dark Internet cooking show.
3:59 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Vegan Black Metal Chef
Okay now what would you get if you crossed Julia Child. -- the rock band -- To be honest the question never even current -- lessons -- -- one of the most unusual. Video series on the Internet it's a cooking show that adheres to strictly Begin -- so far so good. But then there's -- Black metal soundtrack. For practiced well ABC's John Berman says. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's time for -- that's good -- it's time for the former uphill. Yes it's time. Time to make some food. It's -- the main altar where we sacrifice all the various festivals. This -- wearing armor clad food lover he's thirty you're old Bryan man who wins -- on the Internet where he's earned well over and the million hits. Those by another name. Jeans yeah black middle yet which begs the question how to make up. So what is that Indian allotment option. New black metal shaft is my attempt to answer the question what do you begins eat and as farmlands as -- -- Abbas. These kids don't eat meat or anything that comes from animals or in his -- even Wear anything. All his armor and tight body -- is vinyl instead of leather. What's being in -- about for the quick answer that people is that is that I don't believe in the exploitation. That's the -- -- -- the black middle -- see that veterans yeah absolutely you can't summon. The essence of -- and entry into -- paid nothing center. Well that's just what He does. Flying that we live sound engineer is it to -- is has been listening to black Middle East for years. Any -- wondering where black metal -- in the overall middle family. -- -- -- today is. Don't like a monster and black metal sounds like Donald. In -- new to this He give black middle chef host -- cooking shift. Completely recipes for food on new -- fried in -- time. Here feel silly. Net. Never once. Wearing that's the thing you're -- He has in. Forgive us but -- -- sense of humor. He takes his -- commitment and his cooking. Very seriously. Just bringing consciousness -- your actions. And if everyone did that the world would end -- up -- cars. It just always kind of reconnaissance your actions and there will be much better place. Along with -- fire -- Raises a Jewish kid in -- it doesn't really worships Satan or anything. Unless you're talking about wheat gluten spilled as eight T eight -- Which He was cooking with when we visited the content you hurt your -- -- looks so fresh in bountiful. Absolutely that's that's that's -- -- -- -- a new look so dangerous. And maybe the real dangers and what other people -- in. Would be. Food for thought. It's -- it's unusual but you know what -- -- It's really do it. -- -- good enough that there's only one way to celebrate. I'm John Berman for Nightline. In Orlando.

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{"id":14775656,"title":"Vegan Black Metal Chef ","duration":"3:59","description":"Brian Manowitz is the star of a popular dark Internet cooking show.","url":"/Nightline/video/vegan-black-metal-chef-14775656","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}