Vinyl: The Last Track

Does digital music mean the end for old-school albums?
3:00 | 11/15/16

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Transcript for Vinyl: The Last Track
Well video killed the radio star CDs killed vinyl record downloads are killing off the gays and time marches on what does it. PGA's that kept spinning vinyl for years but now it seems those big old discs. Are back in a big way LP sales were up 89%. In 2008. Retro. Time. 100 point three the sound welcome back albums sides Wednesday if California is the place where friends come from it and that's radio station in Los Angeles may be going back to the future. We are giving up the vinyl from mid nights until midnight when nothing. But album sides vinyl record. LP's big plastic gift that revolved on turntable beat we're CDs and MP threes were invented. You have to make for the dust is off there you have to make through through to go in this good condition that can possibly be and then drop the needle on an. After that it's. It's music as it used to be made in played for most of the twentieth century a big band of Glenn Miller. Okay. The hard rock group led definitely. A way to listen to music that nearly fifty years but against all odds is making a comeback. Rainbow records would be the largest factory left anywhere steel making final wreck. Our new record. 32 years old have been able to buy part. And 1983. At its peak in the 1970s this company produce 60000 record the day. Now with orders for vinyl growing again it's back up to 22120. Employees work three shifts 24/7. But why what a vital revival. Went to find the answer here in Washington DC ratify. Browse the stack of this paper listen. You're looking at one that we haven't been up here of the Lauren Wilson in the open. At bill Daley's crooked beat records it was back to old school I don't know if I remember how to do that they. Okay he. I can't feel yeah. The beautiful service. Rob Holden. Forgotten how much of light and X-Men. For me it was more than just sound it was also the memory but for those who didn't grow up with. Rediscovering vinyl is a. Whole different ball of black but Chris burns if the hunt. CDs. There's just not that field isn't that passionately evil deeds and little known desecrated CDs and you know of the records there's always ruckus we found nobody ever completes their collection. And the price you know something on iTunes cost 99 cents and didn't get up while four dollars. And I'm you can find great out for a dollar for Adrian loving it's actually the whole pack. Finals classic and the art that you can find on the vinyl covers gives you so much more information about like artists and on the production style. When Jason guilt started buying LP is he had trouble finding a turntable to play them on now he's got 5000. Records in his collect. I did have hundreds of C. And I just never listen to them. They're gone and he doesn't own an iPod either. And what about it's now. Isn't really better from a record should technology actually go backwards 140. It was the DJ in LA. Sure think so digital music is like walking into a room and there's one lightbulb hanging in the middle of it that illuminates everything. Exactly. Vinyl is more like walking into a room where there's a record playing in the corners like heart of it casts a glow. This threat right here this is going to be converted to another. Another LP Iraq within the next couple that is back at the crooked beat bill Daley the owner is happy to turn his store into one big spin room. Vinyl is 70% of his fail with a bullet with a how to be a growth business in 2000. I did not have been doing the full warrior river with a thought that. Be sure every something else that just might catch on. Theaters the cultural refuted and give us CD and the final and that the double and now of course. It's also raises the question as old as this Nielsen dot stone. Yes you go. V. Post break game this time you hear it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Does digital music mean the end for old-school albums?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"7011708","title":"Vinyl: The Last Track","url":"/Nightline/video/vinyl-track-7011708"}