New virtual reality app gives music fans front row seats to big concerts

The free MelodyVR app can turn concertgoers into VIPs or take travelers to faraway places in an instant, but it’s also being used as part of health care pain management.
6:50 | 09/06/19

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Transcript for New virtual reality app gives music fans front row seats to big concerts
Reporter: If you want to rock out with a band like imagine dragons, party with wiz khalifa, or hang with Kelly Clarkson, all without getting out of your pajamas, well you're in luck. There's a new frontier in virtual reality. A multi-billion dollar industry. Now a pioneering live music app called melody vr is allowing fans to go from couch potato to virtual vip with a touch of your screen. Literally you can watch my entire "Meaning of life tour via vr. Everyone's here, my whole tour is on vr. Reporter: Marshmello and country star Kane brown rocked the stage at gma's summer concert with their hit "One thing right." And viewers everywhere, on their phones, were able to get that immersive experience too. We went behind the scenes where, for the first time, as melody vr live streamed a live televised concert. Marshmello are you excited? I think it's awesome. I've been trying to get virtual reality for a while now. I'm a big gamer and I know Mello's a big gamer. So I think it'll be cool. There's all these cameras all around the stage that give people 360 views of all these different angles, so you're under complete surveillance. So we gotta worry about what we look like all over the place If you want to jump to a different location, a different jump spot, you take it here and it will take you to the other location on the other side of the stage. Reporter: Melody vr's CEO Anthony Matchett was an audio engineer when he began developing the app. Well when I saw the first early prototype of an oculist rift I thought wouldn't it be amazing if you could put me on stage with rolling stones and charge me 10 dollars to do. Reporter: Today he's showing us how it works, without the glasses required for most vr. I think when people think of vr they normally think of the glasses or they think of the oculus that is necessary. But for this. No? So if you have ant oculus you can download that app on there. But so many people that don't have an oculus is really important for us as well to be on mobile to give people without the device. Reporter: The cameras film at 360 degrees creating an interactive experience where viewers at home have control over their view. It's now being studied as a pain management at cedar sinai in los Angeles. They'll come out of the er and say I feel calm and peaceful now. I'll say how's your pain? And sometimes they'll say oh, my god, I forgot about that. Reporter: And in Chicago, the Chicago pd launched a pilot program that uses vr to train police officers on how to interact with people experiencing a mental health crisis. But most are still using virtual reality for pure entertainment. We decided to experience it first hand at vr world in new York City. You must be Adam. I am. You must be Kimberly. Reporter: I am. Nice meeting you. I'm excited. Adam is my tour guide and teacher. Vr world is a virtual reality playground, with three floors of insane virtual reality experiences. Stuff you can do alone. Select your weapon for this round. Reporter: Games you can play in pairs and adventures that require a whole group. It's all happening. So I get warm the up on an experience for artists. We start with controllers, and then of course the goggles, called the oculist, then I'm off, completing my own rainbow masterpiece. This is bananas. What in the world? Then it's time for the most popular, an epic battle with zombies. We join forces with a couple of our new friends. Now time to try the infamous plank. The elevator ascended and then the doors open. Wow, oh, my goodness. Oh, my god. And the full-body terror set in. This is crazy. What's wrong? Reporter: I actually froze. Oh, my god, I can't look down. You see the plank? Jimmy: This is so wild, you guys. I don't even know how to explain this. So we're going to walk across the plank. Jimmy: Oh, my god. I have tears in my eyes, I'm not even joerking. Two hands, I've got you. Jimmy: It took some serious coaxing to get me to take that first step. The next step is the leap of faith. Jimmy: The virtual reality battles with the part of your brain that knows you're only an inch off the ground but also believes you're 80 storeys in the air. There's the helicopter, oh, god. Each step is a fight to maintain your balance. This is crazy. And then there's the air, a little fan simulates the wind. That makes it so much harder. Then at the end of the plank, a step of faith. It's just one inch in real life, but so much more in virtual reality. This the ground? A little bit more. Reach your foot out. You've got it. Jimmy: I know, what's There you go, there's the Jimmy: I'm standing there safe and sound, but I feel like I'm falling. Oh. That is crazy. Oh, my god! You did it. Jimmy: That is so crazy! Wow, guys, I don't even have words. Back in central park, the concert is in full swing and fans around the world see the duo perform the hit song "Happier." I've been thinking, I want you to be happier I want to you be happier Reporter: After the show, a sense of relief mixed with excitement for the team. They sit on their couch and literally see everything on the stage. It's another thing I can say. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Kimberly brooks in New York.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"The free MelodyVR app can turn concertgoers into VIPs or take travelers to faraway places in an instant, but it’s also being used as part of health care pain management.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"65425136","title":"New virtual reality app gives music fans front row seats to big concerts","url":"/Nightline/video/virtual-reality-app-music-fans-front-row-seats-65425136"}