Volunteer Forces Make Daring Iceland Glacier Rescues

In a country with no army or police, volunteers take it upon themselves to do search and rescue.
3:40 | 12/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Volunteer Forces Make Daring Iceland Glacier Rescues
Iceland's famous glaciers are an icy terrain littered with hidden cracks and -- dangerous for any climber. But for the unlucky ones who find themselves lost or stranded the best hope for survival. Is one expert search and rescue team and ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann joined them for an adventure at the top of the world. There's a reason they call this place Iceland. Is covered in place years. Much of the year it is covered in snow. One little Icelandic horses have such big hair it's. Freezing cold. No easy place to get around. Long -- -- short days and very few people what. People get lost. The New York -- flight. It's easier in English the ice -- the -- association of sort of rescue there's nothing quite like it in the world. With no army no national police this is how the lost get found here on top of the world. Volunteer force of 181000. People back in a country with a population of just over 300000. But he today. I think it. Do. Do. We tagged along for a training mission was one of the legendary ice Starr's team this group from the tiny. -- To raise the money to buy all their equipment -- In a place where winter can be long and lonely rescues -- have become part of the national fabric it's easy to see why. That's spanner Morrison a carpenter by day -- rescue team leader 24 hours Wednesday. There -- no paid members and then that rescued them -- -- And and if you don't do is there -- government service -- can -- and -- -- let me think -- that -- expect expect. The volunteers need him to practice on. The side I'm. Bald guy became unconscious so -- they they. I understood that that was our planet -- want to -- There's a reason they do -- training sessions with the -- We we were having if the problem with video you know. It got too much. After a long and cold delay the ropes are we rigged end. That the girl growing up -- The amount of effort on the part of the rescuers a huge amount of trust on my part was. -- that left it with a little bit. Unnerving. Doing that you could just -- over them with from here. And the practice isn't over there's an ice walls declined. They're going to show me how easy it is important -- Who are work. -- -- -- -- -- Well. That would fund. Parker said. However they're out -- well at least I know who to call if need help I'm Jeffrey Kaufman for Nightline. You don't you quote -- -- in --

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{"id":17853784,"title":"Volunteer Forces Make Daring Iceland Glacier Rescues ","duration":"3:40","description":"In a country with no army or police, volunteers take it upon themselves to do search and rescue.","url":"/Nightline/video/volunteer-forces-make-daring-iceland-glacier-rescues-17853784","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}