The Wacky 'Virgin' Chef

British chef Barry Lewis uses stunts and costumes for his wild Internet cooking videos.
3:00 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for The Wacky 'Virgin' Chef
They may have set out to master the food pyramid but many of today's celebrity chefs also find themselves. Sitting atop the pyramid of reality TV. Snagging sky high ratings by showcasing world class skills. But as -- -- -- -- found very Lewis is recipe for fan consist of as much silliness. -- -- he's -- my past guests ladies and gentlemen not only construction worker Barry notice. Closed because he's about to try cooking a meal inside he would -- -- -- -- all gay and a shelf. The full grown man he -- Ghana and this woman fruit milk cheese where Google Social Security. Technically get yes you heard -- aiming his underwear a formal cease. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DC to talk a little piece together that amazing Collie face yeah. Or not this father -- -- even tried his hand at cooking in his car I think the citizens in the next. Jeannette where just like when you drive around -- a half and I cannot -- guns even in the -- -- -- hotel period. So an enemy during the not she can oxidation in my tell him not only -- and said excellent -- -- does that insane he -- when you need is -- client. This code of the minutes we turn power on put on the horse and she's lovely caught and I think is -- is -- -- the chicken breast on the. That's not daring enough for you well how about staking -- using -- cement mixer Heidi so. I'm good enough shipment. And he three years ago Barry could hardly had to snag let alone with pop -- storm in the kitchen. Out of -- -- coming in this case before we -- test of humanize the -- candidate now -- What reason I just randomly selecting on -- -- -- -- though -- pension and Hank. For which you couldn't seem to know not -- -- the film while out on this guy and I picked the concorde and decided to -- on the Internet. More than 450. Recipes and county documented each step of his journey -- he's black. They -- video. As a regular guys -- -- he's not formally cook Barry contacted Jamie Oliver who he bears an uncanny resemblance to I've made have made big -- in the hope out of -- they got -- to accept them. This hope hope patient team and I made it can -- soil and -- tea Jamie hits Barry under his wing and does. Crazy things can -- hold the birth of virgin kitchens. It's not to have fun in the kitchen especially when -- recounting one of his favorite video moments to date. And he just -- -- someone else he resembles. The late Steve Berkowitz AKA Doug crocodile hunter brought -- again to crocodile to -- -- -- -- crook. -- -- That -- she should be. So I make this -- this -- -- quote he. And my name is that -- -- and and then I came in the vehicle -- -- a political in my. -- -- Isn't she gorgeous I -- that you have millions of van. Many sending in their own recipes ready to try out really thought well if he can do you bits and maybe there's hope for meat and useless -- -- make a mess in the kitchen I'm taking a -- -- -- a hope. Gas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's already -- every little helpers who always seemed eager to lend a helping -- And asked for me. Well. You know I'm not sure about that's. Coming -- to -- like cute teen. And it smells good yeah it's a good time. -- Let's stop proverb practice makes perfect for not lying on Lama has sent in London.

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{"id":18929194,"title":"The Wacky 'Virgin' Chef ","duration":"3:00","description":"British chef Barry Lewis uses stunts and costumes for his wild Internet cooking videos.","url":"/Nightline/video/wacky-virgin-chef-18929194","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}