Weapons of Mass Discounting

The founders of Krazy Coupon Lady show shoppers can get the most out of their money.
6:23 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Weapons of Mass Discounting
Let's -- games. Going to save you most money its weapons of mass discounting. These two are almost upon us. At a time when groceries cost here. Families roughly 600. Dollars a month. -- -- are determined to -- There -- simple rules he could say at least 60% off your pills every time you shop. In real life their business partners. Bloggers on a site called the crazy coupon lady dot com. To show us all how to get those massive savings they agreed to compete to see who could save the most. At -- local Fred Meyer supermarket in Boise Idaho. This -- -- on the store kindly agreed to let the ladies our camera crew any. Run crazy in the -- The race is about to get under way and the trash talking has already been done -- going down since then I'm going down you wish. For their shopping faceoff -- game -- -- time limit. Tight budget give fifty dollars needs thirty minutes suspended whoever gets the greatest percent of the savings win. Ladies starter and yeah. Get the most. Their money. Bagged salad here and as they -- You're going down the -- Each -- and we'll execute what they say -- the four basic money saving the new. The logo and -- Stacking it and after being taken together they're the WMD's. Weapons -- discount. First to go go buy one get one and -- shocking secret. Turns out if you don't need to in some stores you can just -- one half off. They -- up 50% off the you don't even need to -- pill to get the Beilin get infected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Welcome plus herbal strong reply but. And now watch as she goes for even bigger savings when she spots completely. Expected how Smart are battling and we -- -- an additional big fines and mom and Johnny knows all the tricks. Recognize her from her dumpster diving days on the TLC show -- dream coupon. And what some individuals were doing -- extreme combining with you know pushing the limits too far she's not to change your tactics since a coupon crackdown. Stores and manufacturers to tighten their policies. But these grocery gals -- -- still take a massive bite out of your shopping bill. Fifteen minute -- with half the time gone -- 600 connect. Joni is clearly ahead but both competitors with the -- of the metal. -- -- -- Over in the meat department Heather gets busy stacking the next stop until -- farm sausage I -- -- -- coupon and then have a manufactured upon examining use. In addition to it she uses to coupons from different sources. And gets 43% -- This is like cash and why is honestly like cash -- this is no different than paying with cash but. The -- coupon ladies also braised red flags urging shoppers looking swing areas counterfeit coupons which are often peddled online. This woman was sentenced to two. After police seized more than 25 million dollars of fake coupons. But now this is perfectly legal their fourth and final trick. They're Smartphones the latest gadget in a super savers arsenal. Pilot -- the Amazon -- they used apps to compare prices. Aren't Catholic -- it's gonna tell me how much it costs an Amazon. 604 Weis spent almost four dollars more than not a deal. And there's even announced -- we'll get you rebates. Do you findings and then I have and I got to offer much as a Smartphone app that you download and you can get the savings from your phone. This air -- was a dollar. The final price on the -- -- -- In eight minutes left and -- her as the clock ticks down Joni -- some good old fashioned sabotage the 23. We'll fight hang up for fact that -- knows about this field. -- -- -- -- ruled it seems can't kind of while Heather -- the biggest deal yet she uses a dollar off coupon on -- 99 -- island. So like -- Joni tactical advantage is a hyper organized live. Down this sounds a reversal. Joni -- that now head there is playing dirty has -- -- that I blew my driving they feel like she's still my list. Without the list Joseph he's dead in the water. Thanks so now it's time that I had just thirty seconds when his 32 time running out this -- Loading -- to the finish line. Yeah turns out neither of the ladies even needed the holding fifty dollars we gave them Joni homes and two dollars worth of merchandise and now I'm can get for all of this lovely. But now once the coupons work their magic five dollars off its effect. In the end she gets it all for a little more than 42 dollars. It's but it could find your feet they're big monsters and now bring on the challenger trainer Rick. Learn it but have their got a 138. Dollars would stop for just a shade over. And the winners are -- who got the most for your money don't you save 70%. But have parents saved seven. -- -- -- -- It's okay -- Everyone gets celebrate. We call the cease fire RA jump -- guys come eat and now -- To enjoy the spoils of victory.

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"The founders of Krazy Coupon Lady show shoppers can get the most out of their money.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19965224","title":"Weapons of Mass Discounting ","url":"/Nightline/video/weapons-mass-discounting-19965224"}