Japan's Ghosts: Tsunami One Year Later

"Nightline's" Bill Weir visits Minamisanriku, Japan, flattened in the tsunami.
2:30 | 03/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Japan's Ghosts: Tsunami One Year Later
Greetings all -- we're ABC news Nightline coming -- you from meaningless -- -- Japan or at least what's left of it. This is what this town look like. Almost exactly a year ago as a fifty foot tsunami. Ripped through this -- of 181000. Almost like tired. From that. It's haunting now to look back at that video and hear the screams as people. Sprinted for high ground that was the difference between life or death on that day and that the water has receded. And I've tried to start cleaning up. The scope of this devastation is is still punched in the -- you look across -- -- -- outlines Foundation's work Holmes shop she's -- giant Ohio. Ripped torn and mangled automobiles it. -- some of the strength of that wave as well. -- came here to talk to people. Japan see -- -- healing -- the recovering. And it's so difficult. Especially consider that in this one town alone. They lost 11100 souls on that one afternoon but they are as grim as it sounds more fortunate than many other towns and on the coast because they found. Most of those bodies are still so many hundreds. If not thousands of families still looking. For the remains of their loved ones impossible to heal and move on without that sense of closure. There's still a lot of worries about the Fukushima. Nuclear reactor the one that melted down in the wake of the earthquake the biggest in Japanese history. A lot of political finger pointing going on as investigations reveal. Exactly went on behind closed doors at the highest levels of authority in this country as well and tens of thousands of people still. Displaced as they try to get a grasp on just how devastating radiation fallout you. And -- long term health of people here. And really one of the most startling things we've we've heard since we've been here. By the ghost stories. People reported seeing ghosts. Fellow neighbors there loved ones racing up towards high ground trying to get away from that devastating way. We have found some tales of resilience and healing as well and will bring -- -- -- as we look back on. The great quake of Japan one year later coming up on that.

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{"id":15882638,"title":"Japan's Ghosts: Tsunami One Year Later","duration":"2:30","description":"\"Nightline's\" Bill Weir visits Minamisanriku, Japan, flattened in the tsunami.","url":"/Nightline/video/weir-bill-japan-minamisanriku-tsunami-weather-15882638","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}