Tsunami-Ravaged School: One Year Later

"Nightline's" Bill Weir reports how the tsunami killed 74 students at one school
1:34 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Tsunami-Ravaged School: One Year Later
This is the oak hollow. Elementary school -- and beautiful. River valley. Near a small fishing village. -- about a half an hour after the quake hit. Teachers here knew. I had to get the kids to higher ground but there was this raging debate. On where exactly go some teachers wanted to take the kids up that -- but others thought it was too -- and this bridge would be. Better refuge. -- was out of town so there was no leadership structure. So all the teachers debated. The tsunami insecure about thirty feet. 74. Children. And ten teachers. Were swept the way. Four of those little. Precious children. Still looking registering the river. But for the last few weeks. And a desperate search. For their bodies. And now they've built this. Incredibly -- -- shrine here. And when you see that the parents -- family members are brought favorite porn news favorite. -- -- Is -- most devastating thing -- -- some.

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{"id":15882605,"title":"Tsunami-Ravaged School: One Year Later","duration":"1:34","description":"\"Nightline's\" Bill Weir reports how the tsunami killed 74 students at one school","url":"/Nightline/video/weir-bill-japan-ookawa-tsunami-students-school-15882605","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}