West Texas Plant Explosion: The Casualties

Dr. Glenn Robinson of Hillcrest Hospital gives an update on the injured in the explosion near Waco.
3:00 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for West Texas Plant Explosion: The Casualties
Breaking news out of west Texas that is a town of a couple of thousand people about twenty miles north of Waco Texas where this. Terrific explosion at a fertilizer plant has devastated the town -- injured. More than a 170. People many of those injured were taken to Hillcrest hospital -- little while ago we got to speak by phone. With a man who runs that hospital Glenn Robinson who told us. What he and his staff are doing to help the injured on this disastrous night. At this hour we have now treated more than 100 patients and our trauma center here at Hillcrest. We're part of -- a larger system. Scott why. Memorial which is thirty miles farther to the south. But you also treated several patients this evening will be transferred. Two pediatric patients two -- -- like Children's Hospital that we knew immediately that would benefit from higher local pediatric here. And also pretty community hospitals and traditional -- as well we don't have total number. That have been treated by. All the facilities in our region but to in his certainly probably. At least -- 150. Or more. I'm pleased to report to you and in talking to our trauma surgeons. Who were here 24 hours a day seven days a week -- -- center. They -- telling us that probably slight we will probably one that the meeting 22. Of those patients. Some have already been treated and released others probably will be treated and released some -- between now and -- -- shortly thereafter. And what kind of injury during this thing how how serious. Are the injured in the great history. Is there on November. Minor injuries and minor lacerations and those types of things -- you would expect. Look around what we've seen that had gathered -- that. Explosion for a wide area around that France populated area in the count of west Texas. Have you heard of of fatalities if you often you -- -- No weeks we have had -- zero fatalities here. Of course -- Hearing reports issue war two we certainly anticipate. Having. A number of fatalities spirit the scene in -- years. Morning comes and and they're able to -- through more of the debris and more of the you know explosion blast that is familiar. Certainly we hope and pray that's not the case -- throughout her career are sure -- all the citizens of -- their loved ones and around the country around the world. Absolutely a lot of prayers going out to west Texas today for the harrowing events there we also got a chance to. Big was Sargent. Patrick Swanson the west police department and he did confirm for us that there have been fatalities. We turn out to -- one. -- -- -- Well the district cannot bring you up just the -- take about 6 PM -- breast fire department responded to a fire call. At a fertilizer plane. Shortly after they got there there was a match of the explosion about fifteen minutes later. The firefighters and law enforcement over there and some of the community members were in the process of evacuating people away from the area because they knew this significant danger -- -- the -- In the fertilizer in. Once they started doing that the explosion occurred. There have been numerous people of injured rear parking in the hundreds. There are confirmed fatalities. At this point we do not -- numbers. Were waiting to see. Specifically the a little bit better helped before we start putting up numbers. But we're we're probably going see that increased as we. -- bit more for recovery operations some point later in the morning. I can tell you just talked to my commander who's on the ground they -- on the scene. We are going door to the war there are numerous law enforcement agencies fire agencies involved. The competing elections had a tremendous outpouring from the local surrounding communities -- -- This is a very close knit -- Community. You're all looking out for each other -- certainly -- -- each day -- moment need. At this point the commander that -- talk to the told ground. There's only that they are going from house to house but he still had to be very. -- because of structural damage. Homes and businesses. They're concerned about secondary explosions with gas mains gas valves. On poor. Utilities. Or -- have shut down. -- in and around the blast area. Also have shut down power in and around here. I -- -- as I was coming to the scene and driving true change some of the devastation that is theory it is very very.

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{"id":18985446,"title":"West Texas Plant Explosion: The Casualties","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Glenn Robinson of Hillcrest Hospital gives an update on the injured in the explosion near Waco.","url":"/Nightline/video/west-texas-plant-explosion-casualties-18985446","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}