Westboro Baptist Church Confronted

Part 2: How will church members react when they face those they publicly condemn?
5:15 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Westboro Baptist Church Confronted
Comes -- gay marriage the polls are shifting the laws are changing. But one thing that remains very much the same the venom and vitriol pouring out of the tiny but super controversial Westboro Baptist Church. We -- turned out ABC's nick watt and his attempts to understand. -- -- Saturday afternoon I'm halfway through my weekend Westbrook the tiny church in Kansas that preaches a message of hate the senator colorful illness and I'm still trying to understand their hold. Anti gay crusade -- -- -- -- rainbow house draws more attention to our message has across the street was bull like group that promotes and love and understanding. -- page may be -- send them because that's the right message. Well bill no reason why that would need case is it is just so wonderful words without sound and arrogant about it there's a great advantage in knowing that -- right. To -- -- residents approached you guys -- Steve. Familiar right -- America is have made Davis niceties you rob. Steve's body language suggested he didn't want to reach to his neighbors have their say in which he repeatedly told us was he's our strategic -- cuts must -- See more interest in this as music -- -- Okay. I'm -- -- -- Bible reading Shirley Phelps brokers next season -- the public face of the church as her father Fred Phelps has gotten older and more suspicious of -- -- like me. -- and it goes back to the commandment about not -- over. And it's not just adultery they are against premarital sex as well is it true you had a child out of wedlock. Could be. Is it yes we and yes there's Sam the -- -- during the Bible read those moral laws that still remain and will never go away. -- -- -- trial she was also -- went to how do you deal with that. How I deal with it what I'm gonna have to deal with them for whether or not I -- repentant. Whether or not I did that he doesn't change the standards of -- The -- -- repentance to you for that -- yes. It's -- because you have repentance you know and feel you can. Hold the restive. Humanity up to this high standout. Canada no -- no no no no. We're not holding anyone anything my -- we're telling you this isn't our judgment -- -- this is God's judgment. Surely -- is over to the media center to meet Steve we've been getting ready to deliver an on -- salmon charity like Steve has had kids decide that this. Is not life for them I -- your kids have left turn. Three. How do you do that. -- Russia must think today's topic I'm surprisingly. Gay marriage and you are resumed -- got tight focus. There. Those energized and all of us powers hell bent on making them drink the putrid rainbow colored Kool Aid. Of diversity and tolerance. It's 7 -- -- Sunday morning. And for these guys -- day the lord begins with them before their own church service they picket outside other churches -- -- their -- First stone is. -- -- -- About it it's. Like it's game. I remembered that Steve claims that -- -- insert truthfully scriptural but I never learned that school. -- to twelfth but actually what it says. Next stop. The Methodists and what's -- it and -- and -- you know that in love each other define love unfortunately neither the god and -- -- you -- -- defined by late but I'm telling you what God's love. And I just don't -- -- Just. Me and they do. We went to say farewell to steep -- -- protesting outside a nearby Catholic Church has just one last question. You guys aren't against him say it's because. Maybe you've had -- sexual yourself. No I'm against homosexuality because god almighty says thou shalt not lie with mankind as a woman it is abomination. Those twelve little -- -- -- what part of that don't people understand it's still believe it's not for me. Done right now that that won't go well you don't agree terrible day and how little -- -- as you've been close. It yesterday art -- -- levees. Let you know and. And the truth to Steve is that god says homosexuality. Plain wrong for him this -- -- countries and states -- Approving gay marriage is a sign. A sign of the and signed at the end -- -- work. It is nine. I'm that -- for Nightline in Topeka Kansas. An extraordinary and -- look from nick watt and nick shares more reflections on his time -- -- Westboro Baptist church on our website abcnews.com slash Nightline.

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{"id":19695892,"title":"Westboro Baptist Church Confronted ","duration":"5:15","description":"Part 2: How will church members react when they face those they publicly condemn? ","url":"/Nightline/video/westboro-baptist-church-confronted-19695892","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}