Houston: Journey to Stardom

Singer went from singing gospel to winning Grammys, battled drugs along the way.
5:03 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Houston: Journey to Stardom
In 1991. Whitney Houston thousand that the Super Bowl. -- rousing version of the star spangled banner. It was this is the first gulf war. But this time Houston was the reigning queen of indeed. -- come so far so fast. Premier. -- -- -- Less than seven years earlier she may first national appearance on the Merv Griffin Show at the age of 21. And -- and I zinni. She had a powerful men behind her. Producing legend Clive Davis. Clive had a beautiful relationship with -- she trusted and probably more -- -- she trusted anybody on the planet. Over -- several years she become the only artist to -- seven consecutive number one billboard 100 hit. And then at 29 -- movie star. As the beautiful -- pursued by a stalker. In the 1992. Movie the bodyguard. The soundtrack -- and wound. And -- -- twenty week. That same year she married bad -- singer Bobby Brown. He already had three kids and -- relationships and many thought he was an audit should -- talks golden girl. A year into marriage they sat down with Barbara Walters think this -- is found last and last. And then -- me. To the end -- him. Or so she hoped. Despite the public success there were private struggles. Throughout the ninety's there were persistent tales of substance abuse. Houston finally sat down with Diane Sawyer in 2000 -- -- and talk to. For -- You do crack. Do that. Crack is whack the line may have resonated but the problem was all -- real if you had to name the devil. For you the biggest -- among them. -- would be me. We're live with Bobby Brown -- to -- -- downward spiral culminating in 2005. -- -- short lived reality show. Dean Bobby brown and Bravo. She described the -- Experience to Oprah Winfrey in 2009. Lot of people I think after seeing you on that show started to really worry. About you and what was really going on with you what was going on with you at that time. I was happy with marriage -- -- happy with yourself. I was losing. Means that into the marriage. -- trying to be pleasing and finally facing up to her drug and we were lacing our marijuana. With with with blatant but -- would face death. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have 5 PM money -- -- -- and feel outlets than an -- is really happy birthday yet you have hello to a free basing cocaine. Basically yeah. My. Later that year she was back in the recording studio she still had the magic. -- -- -- Diane Warren wrote that song for her. She's the best female vocalist. Of the last forty years and anybody will tell you the best singers the world will tell you -- -- -- She still -- the voice she'd been trying to mount a comeback and had that new movies are also coming out in August. Ten years ago when she talked to Diane Sawyer of -- that a glimpse of that resilience the joy she had been living. And a reminder. That she did almost half the bill. And that's just like this. Person who wants to. A person who has life and wants to live. Police have and that's strongest to be him -- -- the week is dying at an animal. Ten years from now. Give me the perfect life for Britney used. -- -- -- -- -- and give them money doing it corolla. Become ugly woman of god. Grandchildren and if -- -- it.

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{"id":15579390,"title":"Houston: Journey to Stardom ","duration":"5:03","description":"Singer went from singing gospel to winning Grammys, battled drugs along the way.","url":"/Nightline/video/whitney-houston-journey-stardom-15579390","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}