Whitney Houston's Mysterious Death

Music's greatest legends, fans react to the diva's sudden death.
5:45 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Mysterious Death
Almost no one had what Whitney Houston had a talent so big that fans in the millions gave their hearts not -- her songs. But to the woman herself. This weekend she was preparing for music's biggest night of the year the grammys where she had won so many times before but it wasn't to be. Tonight her journey in her own words and through the eyes of some of those who know who have -- It's the world lost its voice won fans said and what employees -- want. Whitney Houston and sweet and soaring melting pot of gospel and soul -- at 48. Last -- alongside the celebration of the -- big win at the grammys. Heavenly father. We thank you for sharing since the Whitney with us the industry mourn the loss of the woman with a golden boys and. And tonight -- in Los Angeles held an emotional vigil. While her body was flown on a private jet and LA back to Newark, New Jersey where she grew up. There mourners have been leaving flowers and candles outside the church. -- she first sang in the choir the little girl. -- the mother direct. And tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina the queen of soul price. Whitney Houston's godmother Aretha Franklin. Remembered her. Okay. Meanwhile today in Los Angeles the corners office ruled out foul play but they said the official cause of her death will not be known for weeks pending toxicology tests. But a picture is starting to emerge of what Houston's last days were light. Just last Tuesday she was working -- songs for her upcoming film sparkle with producer Harvey Mason junior she -- -- -- Be very optimistic very excited about the project but on Thursday night Whitney Houston danced -- party at a Hollywood nightclub. Pictures show her sweaty disheveled one -- bloody friends say she was drinking champagne. And on Friday used to was seen skipping around the Beverly Hilton lobby somersault into the pool. Again her clothes in disarray and her hair wet she loved that church clothes and match. -- -- says she smelled of alcohol and Saturday Houston was in a room at the Beverly Hills Hilton preparing for performance schedule for the music business elite. Clive davis' pre Grammy party. She talked by phone with her cousin Dion Warwick and her mother -- Thirty minutes later her body was discovered by one of her staff members in her hotel bathtub. They call security and 911. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM Whitney Houston simply put. Had the greatest. Voice and -- She was a gift from god. But the -- -- -- still lingering outside it wasn't long before celebrities gathered at that same hotel. For davis' annual grammys party. This year the celebration turned to eulogy. Are heartbroken Davis had a special bond with Houston who was still a teenager when he first discovered her. Nurturing her in good times and in bad. When he was a beautiful person. And she had a talent beyond compare. I think Clive. Is really really really devastated. Record producer David Foster was at the Clive Davis party the producer of three of Houston six Grammy wins I spoke to him. This afternoon -- -- little bit about the first time. You met her the first time -- -- was. You know with Clive when he gave that big party to introduce or she was eighteen. I came in from the back of the room. And I saw Clive. And right beside -- was this. Beautiful body from the back in this gold. -- but it is remember going wow could that possibly be the girl that with the Clive has been talking about and sure enough she turnaround. And glowing. -- was such a star that you knew she was in the room even if you didn't see -- On Sunday Bobby Brown Whitney's former husband food LA could be with their eighteen year old daughter Bobbi Kristina. Who was so distraught she was taken to the hospital by ambulance and subsequently released. Meanwhile at the grammys Jennifer Hudson offered up a tribute Houston -- her classic I will always love you. Okay we're. There was a sense of destiny about Whitney Houston's career. Back in 1993. Barbara Walters talked to her did you not want you to kissing him. She -- choice -- -- I was -- by the time I was seven years old I knew. Thank god had given me against. -- very duration. And airing tonight and I mean. In high school. And other kids like releasing. Could she ever as the world was -- -- to discover.

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{"id":15579355,"title":"Whitney Houston's Mysterious Death","duration":"5:45","description":"Music's greatest legends, fans react to the diva's sudden death. ","url":"/Nightline/video/whitney-houstons-mysterious-death-15579355","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}