Whoopi Goldberg on Transgender Model Series 'Strut'

The Oxygen television series follows transgender models and the first transgender modeling agency.
6:14 | 09/20/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg on Transgender Model Series 'Strut'
You're about to me transgender. Fashion models who are just as unattainable a gorgeous as all the other fashion models. But the skepticism they face is incomparable. A new reality series from what pickle bird chronicles the trials of the transition. Ron shoulders. Chiseled body. And hit a go team late still a cruise has this during good looks you'd want in a male model. As well maybe a model in dream for any guy but later. He's transgender. And began his transition at the age of 25. How old were you when you thought for the first time I only know being in the right side. Those with four or five years old. As funny when I say that my mom thinks I'm lying but who recently she just she said. You know what I remember when you're that age and we were treading give you dollars in other girls' toys to play and you like. You know any of them. But now a days he's landings covers getting steady modeling gigs including this issue of attitude magazine what's it like posing native. I mean. As it is it I it's. I've gotten more comfortable within a time goes on because if it's off in. What they make me. A hard because you know especially when you're in. Tiny little speed of their underwear. That's what people are going to going straight to what's going on there. Now he's one of five models boldly breaking barriers on oxygen new reality show struts a decade ago who are hiding. But now if you weird trance models strive to gain acceptance in the cut old fashioned rules people are judging. Even as they're struggling emotionally with there own family finally. Late Stanley is Dominican traditionally but she's not and deeply religious woman dies in my transition easier. Switch and it's a mean that's not his but his mother is still having a hard time fully accepting and little else to war. And be happy actually don't think about while mommy say how or mummy think. Even calling him and streaking to name she gave him. At birth. But I like what am I let quit seeing iron out occasionally amusing and very very private and this is a private thing that's now. Public between the mission management team myself from my. Because you're saying in in many ways are almost in every way you know she loves you election. This myth no doubt in my mind would kind of fabulous Whoopi Goldberg is the show's executive producer. So lakes moms argument is this is an abomination and if I celebrated the night to Hanson. Well here's a question that I post all folks who may feel like that. Waving Jesus went into. Because Jesus hung out with a lot of interest in people more than ever transgender people are taking center stage in mainstream culture. It's our time and we've always Fannie and whether it's jazz Jennings starring in her own reality show I and a teenage car. Burned hot hitting the red carpet at the Emmys last night for orange is the new black. But many believe it's still not enough also at last night's Emmys actor Jeffrey tan board. Who plays Mora on the show transparent. Scarce is that. Putting out a call for Hollywood to hire more transgender actors give trance transgender talent a chance. Give them audition. Give them their doors. Like all good reality shows it's truck has more than enough drama how many times. And glamour to keep you watching. But for many in the trans community their world is not exclude her is witnessing on TV. One in five transgender people have been homeless at some point in their lives and 41% of attempted suicide. Compared to 2% of the general population. Don't many Jackson's been a model for twenty years for her it's a painful realities she's lived first. Hughes lifted I have lived. My attempts came I think I attempted about thirteen times. Money and someone sets sold they're like you're not really trying to leave this matter. Your age you just have to find do you. She says she now finds herself mentor and young transgender models like lace. There's tying this precious once and I thought motto as one of the disciplines you have to learn and most trans people do have a level of insecurity. Because you have a world that's telling you that we lie is is not right. Struck premieres at a time when trans gender issues are part of our national dialogue. North Carolina's controversial law barring transgender people from using the bathroom they choose where you stand on HB two what I would be incensed travel because I have to say I had peed in many man's. I have no transgender person. Is going into the bathroom trying to. Mess which OK it it's really about policing of women women's bodies because no one would ever come up to me in and say you belong in whatever bathroom they're making it so that a woman needs to look a certain ways that they can answer the question if anything trans people are the ones that. Being attacked or being assaults hits. Real life issues that Whoopi says they weren't afraid to tackle on the show this is. Your opportunity. To step up to the plate as a human being. This show gives you that opportunity because the next time you run into somebody who has changed and are you be more respect. As relates he says he's finally reached a place where what he's on the outside reflects what he Newton's. When I look at myself in the mirror I feel like myself I feel complete I feel like. I'm an adult there's for a long time before I just felt like a child had been the head and that could grow up and having to hide. And then there is truly a man and yet I am a man I look at the man we thought analysts. And nothing beats being comfortable in your skin.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The Oxygen television series follows transgender models and the first transgender modeling agency.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42213658","title":"Whoopi Goldberg on Transgender Model Series 'Strut'","url":"/Nightline/video/whoopi-goldberg-transgender-model-series-strut-42213658"}