William, Kate Middleton File Criminal Complaint Over Topless Photos

World's most famous royal couple heads to court after a magazine published photos of the duchess.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for William, Kate Middleton File Criminal Complaint Over Topless Photos
They are the photos seen arounded world. Today additional topless snapshots of kate of duchess of cambridge made their way on to magazine covers while prince william and kate are main taping a stiff upper lip in public their lawyers filed a criminal complaint against the unnamed photographer who took the pictures. Here's abc's nick watt. William and kate of touring the south pacific celebrating grandma's jubilee. While topless photos are flashed around european mag seasons and seen around the globe. The woman he loves, hounded and humiliated. Kate, talk about showing a stiff upper lip. Reporter: Today, they took their fight to a paris courtroom much the first time british royals have ever sued for invasion of privacy. A palace spokesman decrease the photographs as, quote, grotesque and totally insufficiented, reminiscent of the worst of press and paparazzi, during the life of diana. That's the route of william. His beloved mother who died in 1997. The driver was rufrpg and car chased by a swarm of paparazzi. Since then the press eased offer, but -- I think the jeanie is out of the bottle. We live in international environment. We have social media to how things were 10 or 15 years ago. News spreads fast. Reporter: Google kate and before you are halfway done typing. There you are, the photos, taken while kate and william relax at a french chateau. They are now everywhere including gossip sites in the u.S. There's nothing that will stop them from viewing the photos online. Reporter: Apparently british tabloid turned them down. But endless photos of pippa's bottom. Clothed. But kate, topless, not a chance. Poor girl will be afraid to take her socks off anywhere she goes. Reporter: Outside of britain, royal deference, evaporates. She's a young lady. She's nice, she's not bad, she's beautiful. Reporter: Today despite the legal action against the french magazine that first published the picture, an italian magazine put out a 26-page spread with the headline the queen is naked. Well, not quite. The duchess would be no different than other celebs, beyonce or rihanna. She's one of the most photographed people on the world. And she decides to partially disrobe on a cal connie where it can be seen on a public road. They watch aid billion people to watch their wedding on tv and they demand a private life. These days, paparazzi culture born in britain is growing, global and insatiable. I started when I was in COLLEGE IN THE LATE '90s. It was that time in los angeles there was about 25 paparazzi photographer, now there's close to 300. And outside britain, the shadow of diana means less. . A story of princess diana dying is a story about a drunk driver and driver high on pills. They were not change the car, they were following the car. Reporter: Today kate and william in were met in the solomon islands by bare-breasted dancers. C. Just a beautiful couple in the south of france, and kate is the girl next door. Reporter: At most, "closer" magazine faces a $13,000 fine. For the royals it's all about drawing a line in the sand. William is so keen to show this type of story will simply not be tolerated. He's looking ahead to the future. Reporter: A french judge will declare to slap an injunction on "quo "closer" spreading further and wider. But this battle for kate's privacy has just begun. It is not over yet. Our thanks to nick watt.

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{"id":17259004,"title":"William, Kate Middleton File Criminal Complaint Over Topless Photos","duration":"3:00","description":"World's most famous royal couple heads to court after a magazine published photos of the duchess.","url":"/Nightline/video/william-kate-middleton-file-criminal-complaint-topless-photos-17259004","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}