More Women in Their 20s Use Botox

In a growing trend, young women take drastic measures to prevent wrinkles.
2:34 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for More Women in Their 20s Use Botox
Any eternal search for that youthful look there is no shortage of tonics scrubs injections with or without toxins radio frequency -- -- Michael Durham abrasion. Lasers. -- old fashioned scalpel. But -- you already have that youthful look because you are what doctors call young. And moves designed to derail the aging process before it even starts younger and younger women are undergoing elective procedures to correct imperfections. No one can see. Here's ABC's Claire -- They're young women ended. Even in the celebrity world. And -- sacking him wrinkles. Then there's this -- not far off future battle. If you look really closely she's just starting to get a crow's -- so maybe she should do little preventative -- he sees she's very heavy let it so you could do with their much CPT around her -- tighten up their list now know what is saying young beauties scarlet and Leighton had anything done. But picking apart their pictures because unbelievable -- they'd be considered candidates for the latest trend in cosmetic procedures preventative -- It's official we become a society so obsessed with youth that women in their twenty's -- taking dramatic and expensive measures. Knowing him this long hair to stop aging before it happens if they have the means doctor beverage Allen and a dermatologist on New York's Toney Fifth Avenue advises young patients to start early -- an entitlement. Because for better or worse it does work -- in her twice and you start to see lines coming and why not do it early and prevent. And to me it's just like exercise that was Jane -- -- thinking is well. A new mother and aspiring actress with no -- need for any boosting -- failing. I -- -- she decided to make a substantial investment in stopping the clock at 31. She's having -- Myers the hot radio frequency treatment to tighten and lips skin that's all the rage in Hollywood. I went not just recently and I was supposed to portray -- young mother. Which I am actually that every young mother that came -- really looked nineteen -- I looked like the way way older. They're not literally jolts underlying collagen -- -- overdrive the body produces more and firms up what's they're already the results can be startling. The -- sounds like the new wonder drug. It really is and it definitely tightens your skin there's no down time but it is expensive and you now for example to do a whole face could be 3500. Dollars so it's an expensive investments and it's not for everybody. But I think it is a good and -- are a lot of these treatments now so commonplace that they come up. -- topics of conversation. With young women I think felt the shark and that you'll see it in the media CNN magazine article -- say hey have you ever heard -- that's something in China. And he is something you talk about your friends. -- -- Judge elements says -- -- is so popular that the latest trend is -- Full body treatment you can fix almost anything that -- without surgery. We've had people -- -- antibiotics. Are the results dramatic dramatic dare I ask the cost of a full body thermometers. You may 25000 dollars well yeah. -- and is author of a new books skin rules which in addition to detailing cutting edge wrinkles sapping technology. Also offers less costly basic advice for any young woman looking to fend off signs of aging. Macon -- get enough sleep making sure you -- -- I can tell you how many people come to meter craft all these problems that they wouldn't have. If they followed some of the simple rules. Most important she says avoid sun exposure and tanning beds we know that sun damage is cumulative and five -- today is enough to -- -- skin cancer. But it's also enough to break down collagen elastic tissue still a lot of young women want more and if their marches out of reach there's preventative Botox when you get the businesses that her. There are other things that can women do that are much more pain and that's what Katie demand payment for when you are 25 you have that mentality of one it's never gonna happen to me are not I'll always -- -- -- I won't being honest people attest -- -- -- -- happens. Katie was just 28 with wedding bells in the offing when she decided to put her toe in the. Botox water and wind up pop didn't in my and I and I wanted to just be extra. Perk of my -- -- you -- -- can use what. We're. Toshiba starting to get for him. And you know -- getting apparently some people have very strong enough isn't action she's. It's been very sad day. Traffic isn't express -- -- that. Right so expressive if we'll start to salon. And wants those lines and it's. This can start to score -- -- -- right here. And though it may make you cringe that is if you still can. -- is up 10%. Among twenty to 29 year -- just in the last year so it doesn't surprise you anymore to see. When he something's coming. For Botox. Not at all -- -- Botox has been around now for. Almost one -- it's relatively pain must it's -- it's easy it's an office is that it doesn't require surgery. And so many people are willing to do it. Katie says she was thrilled with the results and has since been stopping back once a year for maintenance. But Katie and most young consumers still aren't that eager to go. Public you didn't tell your husband you were doing and -- anybody -- -- tell anybody. Until now. Jane tell her husband. That comes a lot of people ripping up -- states are all thefts. All of it Katie thinks -- worth the investment. I'm not gonna look like with what if I can -- but -- -- -- look let's say you know. If I'm 35 and I can look thirty year from 45 crackle of forty acting they're something to be set so that you. Especially in this age of not aging -- all. For Nightline I'm Claire Shipman in New York.

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{"id":15907311,"title":"More Women in Their 20s Use Botox","duration":"2:34","description":"In a growing trend, young women take drastic measures to prevent wrinkles.","url":"/Nightline/video/women-20s-botox-15907311","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}