The Year of the Selfie

Snapping self-portraits for social media became a new normal for the smart-phoning age in 2013.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for The Year of the Selfie
It's not for nothing that websters officially added the word selfie to the dictionary this year. The cultural trend that may stand out most prominently is the cyber self-portrait. Pop stars are doing it, teen aged girls are all over it. President obama did it and so did the pope. Is this harmless fun or another sign of america's unchecked narcissism? Celebrities do it. Even oscar winners and former first ladies do it. We all do it. And not always well. Now I'm recording a video. Here is eminem at the lourve, beeber in the hospital and rihanna just about everywhere. She shared hundreds of intimate selfies. For celebrities it could be crafted marketing. James franco is a self-proclaimed selfie ofiperson. And miley cyrus, her own take goes for shock value in her latest controversial video. ♪ the president took time out to mark the year of the selfie. Twitter devotes a day to it, hash tag selfie saturday. Face book and instagram may be contributing to self involved oversharers. A super close up of my eye, now a selfie looking cute. When you're sending out photos of yourself the message is look at me, admire me. One study looked at college students over time and found that narcissistic traits has been rising but is posting selfies to blame? Ask any ninth grader and they will tell you they take hundreds of selfies every year. Teen girls are five times more likely than boys to share se selfies. Who has more photos, more friends. Who has more likes? Exactly. I didn't see you ere. With instagram trending towards video and facebook gobbling up vines, videos are all the rage. If you can get yourself noticed in a stadium, you, too, can go viral. These girls were fined 1500 bucks. I think it's the truth. The eyes are the window to your soul. I can see whether they are a frowner or a smiler by the way the wrinkles lie on your face. He made a name for himself on america's top model and now hosts oxygen the face. He sees selfies as therapeutic. If people feel insecure, they don't feel confident, it can really bring themselves down. Poor lighting, poor framing or poor taste? What kind of shot? That guy pouring chocolate syrup? Some are like that. It's all about what you eyre trying to say. Are you trying to get a date or purely to say here I am or to send to your mother or here's my new haircut or look cool in the picture? There are so many messages. So many people do the duck face. Why do they do that? They think they look better, sucking in their cheeks and they don't get it. Basically you're saying don't pose? Posing is the worst. It's not about the pose, it's about you. The pose is not you. Where is the line between being confident and being narcissis narcissistic. It's not about feeling that you're better than the next person. When you look, you're le that's me and I'm happy. Nigel says you start with what's on your mind. I want to say look, I'm in this whole place with nigel. Right, right, right. Stay in that moment. There you go. Yeah. That was beautiful. That was actually good. We took our selfie skills on location to see it in action. First of all, it's a very gritty drk it juxtaposes as well. Not to mention, a great light box which is this lit up building which lights us up. Spontaneity is the final secret. It doesn't just make good selfies. Spontaneity is the spice of life. For "nightline" in new york city.

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{"id":21376755,"title":"The Year of the Selfie","duration":"3:00","description":"Snapping self-portraits for social media became a new normal for the smart-phoning age in 2013. ","url":"/Nightline/video/year-selfie-21376755","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}