Awkward Family Pet Photos

Photos of off-the-wall pet owners and the animals they love too much.
4:27 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Awkward Family Pet Photos
All dogs from -- to bug descended from the wolf. So thousands of years ago one of these -- majestic creatures chose a cave man's fire over the called the wild. Never dreaming this decision would lead to a distant ancestor -- on FaceBook dressed as a cocktail weenie for ABC's Dan Harris awkward family pet photo. -- -- We all love our pets but some of us love them so much that we take pictures of them in the leg warmer -- Or -- Or action -- costume or in this utterly inexplicable position. It kind of says at all I mean you have. You see how much there is a guy who loves his dog and you see how confused the dog is by what's going on how it's being held. It's just it says it all. These two guys Mike Bender and -- -- act have become aficionados. Of animal based absurdity. From a man posing with his raccoon to -- pondering -- infinite universe alongside his -- To the look of abject horror in the eyes of this cat's in the clutches of a giant Easter Bunny. Vendor in turn -- just released a new book called awkward -- pet photo printers for real. We sat down to discuss their favorite shots. They are Brothers they love their cat in -- space. And -- a habit -- by an offense I think that's what makes -- photos so awkward is that. You know -- -- are we -- people are not aware of it that's that's when it's really authentic awkwardness. In some ways this is the the -- to grow of the book and -- yet there's so many elements the eyes are closed surety is off. It looks like someone could be pregnant. -- gonna -- it had a lot going on -- the black and YE. In outlining the photos called patent war -- mystery but instead just ask the mr. usually mysteries I wanna know what's going on in this case don't want I don't wanna know -- This whole obsession with the awkward photos started two years ago and at first it was strictly humans. The moment of inspiration came when Mike was visiting his parents inside his mom hanging this picture on the wall asking that -- here. It's a little awkward means a lot Robert me -- He told his childhood friend Doug about it -- -- -- his start a website called awkward family photos. Pretty soon they noticed that the pictures that got the biggest response -- animals in them so they started a spin off you -- The awkwardness is always. On the humans almost -- it's so. This. Picture. I would argue it's not indicated -- -- where. It's the four gators in the back. You would be correct our dogs obviously. Do not have. As much discretion when it comes to. Sexual activities and going to the bathroom that's that's like an engagement photo -- -- that's the best part about. They take pains to point out that they are not mocking the people in their book it's more like there celebrating. You you do walk a line between laughing at and laughing with its star. So wearers were just offers her body else we're not really laughing at anybody we're trying to say. Were offered. I think there are some people. -- -- Lindsay yeah. This guy you Latin -- got -- -- -- you are just wondering what equipment and. I decided to take the opportunity to audition. Some of my own a home shops and here's one. -- months now managers -- anything that. Composition wise it's very -- I'd like to see more of your face in this photo see exactly what's going on in your head but that's that's a start. We can work with us -- this is what I've just come. Home from a life that a Good Morning America. Okay. We're we're we're heading in Iran Iraq. The I mean there's a lot going on the cat between your -- is the lighting his -- -- the competition really is fears it's hard to tap a cat in the Santa hat -- in the living room oral Willie monkey in a prairie dress. I think that's really affected -- of the university here our love for our pets sometimes it -- -- judgment. Luckily though even when we go overboard our pets. -- -- -- Nightline this -- Dan Harris.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Photos of off-the-wall pet owners and the animals they love too much.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"14878666","title":"Awkward Family Pet Photos","url":"/Nightline/video/yikes-awkward-family-pet-photos-14878666"}