'Yo Gabba Gabba': Rule Breaker

Celebrities and indie bands have appeared on the popular kids' show.
3:00 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for 'Yo Gabba Gabba': Rule Breaker
-- a TV show for kids but instead of cartoons and there are a live action puppets. And seven nursery rhymes there's indie rock. You know goblet -- by it turns out appeals to all ages in fact it's the -- with the radical offshoot theatrical excuse me -- has before for the Obama girls -- the White House and for music fans don't walk festival. Here's ABC's Chris -- Welcome to preschool -- lose this. It's cutting edge acts from the shipments to and GMT. A host of left of the radio dial indie darlings has been elevated from underground. To the -- And his. Okay. This is no -- yeah. Now in its fourth season -- nick junior. -- -- -- Combining retro with a -- visuals and colorful Mary monsters. Quid pro -- music. Purest example -- just being kids jumping up and dancing. This joy he had and we have our show really wasn't about -- sit down and make kids play out narrative in act. It's all part of you'll get -- unconventional Formula One that's resulted in the eight typically triple stack -- big. Toddlers and preschool. Repair. And indeed by college aged. -- even performed at the outdoor rock festival Coachella. It takes sometimes twenty years for brands to be able to connect with an older audience -- did -- overnight. I find myself sitting on the couch after weren't watching about myself and it's often. Each -- spend -- -- DJ Lance rock brings his monster toys -- dancing line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unlike most kids there it's not -- to live action -- -- was. We don't do NBC news are not teaching English. You're teaching kids to share and love each other. Wholesome messages. -- -- kids additionally enhanced by old school hip hop legend is marked key teaching kids his speed of the day. And by mark mother's book the -- -- drawing pictures thanks for -- Front -- for the nineties costume cult then the chocolate -- Christian Jacobs created you'll get together with -- -- cohort -- shoulders or not television producers are kids show. Producers really we come from being musicians and -- bands and do Maryland singers artists welcome to Galloway for a we felt like I'm watching a lot of the pre school stuff with our own kids. That there wasn't something that was speaking exclusively to our generation from its costumes to -- stone age of big game visuals. -- Still get together as a boisterous kid friendly cool. It reflects the youth culture of California's orange qanooni. Down for the -- celebrities like Jack Black Elijah Wood and Sarah Silverman lead viewers in what the show calls a dance the dance. We're who can pass -- weary and ask god and an artist's tempo. -- Anyone in its class and I don't really -- fancy -- it's called the puppet master the monsters dialogue you recorded desperate. But obviously I'm encouraged to dance and to hide behind the shows -- -- members. I'm not the first to do that stance on the show and check out a life you look through. Meanwhile the you'll get a get a live show is playing a 130 shows in 55 cities this year. With the show's cast on stage. Feeling the -- and -- -- right. Obama could lead they are I get cookies -- will meet you just don't want let me go. The dream for the life it was really to be kids. First concerts. -- -- -- -- -- Those words that he say to bring all the characters to life but the -- counters it's also about sneakers and backtracked since the house. They credit card and we hit it out all that success has yet to add up to big money for the show's creators. All of. On we're still the same hasn't worked for the show started and Bristol drive in the same cars -- -- calling your agents and saying unlike -- that I thought the same card program the pilot. All in time with the show's still smash and beyond sit mood still magical. And help me. You'll get together continues to look at -- -- future. I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrities and indie bands have appeared on the popular kids' show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"15052733","title":"'Yo Gabba Gabba': Rule Breaker","url":"/Nightline/video/yo-gabba-gabba-kids-show-rule-breaker-15052733"}