New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case

Never-before-heard 911 call and interrogation tapes show how Angelika Graswald appeared to react to fiancé's death.
6:24 | 09/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case
Tonight new details in a bizarre case of romantic boating trip gone horribly wrong. Did a young woman lose her fiance in a tragic accident or was it murder? We have obtained video of her interrogation that may help answer those questions. Reporter: In this newly released 911, her voice sound like a frantic call for help. Could it be a cold-blooded cover-up. Reporter: Police and prosecutors say the drowning of graswald's fiance was no accident. It was murder. She has been in jail on $9 million bond awaiting trial. But tonight ABC news has obtained the interrogation video which attorneys believe could help set her free. She made a desperate call to 911 after a romantic kayaking trip when her trip turned tragic. It was a warm April evening. But the river deceptively 46 degrees, cold enough to kill and it does. With no life jacket, no protective dry suit her fiance Vincent who had been drinking sinks into the bone chilling current. And then Vincent villafor disappears. His body not resurfacing until weeks later. While he was still missing angeliqa spoke with the station. He was trying to figure out how to paddle the waves. They were getting crazy. And -- and then I just saw him flip. I saw him struggling a little bit. Reporter: Police soon becoming suspicious of her. She didn't seem like the grief stricken girlfriend on social media to authorities. Changing her Facebook photo with the caption if only I could have paddled harder. Uploading the seemingly lighthearted video of her returning to the place where she met villafor when he was still missing. What a beautiful day. Driving at the yacht club. She made statements that implicated herself in the crime. Enough that have reasonable cause. Reporter: After questioning her nearly 12 hours, police arrest her charging her with second degree murder. Insisting she confess during the I wanted to have kids with him. And get married and live happily ever after. He was driving me crazy for a long time. I didn't want to kill him or anything look that. Did you want him gone? Isn't that what you said? I agree. I still wanted kid with him though. She admits she may have tampered with the paddle and removed the drain plug on his kayak weeks earlier but insists it wasn't part of a plot to kill him. Why didn't you have the plug in there? He didn't have it because. I guess I had it. Reporter: At time she expresses relief that he is dead. Which police and prosecutors used to make the case against her. Did you intentionally take that plug out because you wanted to -- Could be. When you watched him in the water, was a part of you saying, my worries are gone away now? Were you almost -- Euphoric? Euphoric that he was going to be gone? There is no question she would have been much better off legally if she had said not going to answer your questions. I want to talk to a lawyer. Reporter: Her lawyers say she struggles with English and cultural differences. But even so in the video she never says she was trying to kill him. A confession would be her saying, I did it. I killed him. And incriminating statement is, I'm relieved that he's gone. Those are two very different things. Reporter: Experts tell ABC news, a missing drain plug would not cause a kayak to sink even in rough waters. She set out to kill him via a drain plug in my mind is ridiculous. I don't, I don't see that as beg plausible at all. If she wanted to kill him by kayak, all she would have had to have done is basically capsized his boat and paddle away. Reporter: She was indicted for murder and manslaughter has been in jail since April. Defense attorneys say her defense will come down to common sense. I think that we're getting more of the discovery. And we are, now we can actually listen to the interrogation and see it. I think that you, know, curious, rational, intelligent people all come to the same conclusion. That is that she is not guilty. Reporter: Those who know her tell us they're shocked by the allegations. She is a very sweet girl as far as, as far as I have known. Very energetic. Very happy-go-lucky. You know, just a really nice person. It is this sunny personality in the days after the tragedy that graswald's lawyers say have led to unfair public trial. They try to paint her as a murderer. In fact she was a fiance who was very much love and now the victim of a tragedy. We are trying to avoid her being the victim of a second tragedy.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Never-before-heard 911 call and interrogation tapes show how Angelika Graswald appeared to react to fiancé's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33705452","title":"New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case","url":"/Nightline/video/york-kayak-murder-details-case-33705452"}