Young and Racist: White Separatist Movement's Rising Star

Part 1: Matt Heimbach, 22, believes the United States should go back to a time of segregation.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for Young and Racist: White Separatist Movement's Rising Star
Tonight you're about to meet the youthful leader of a new generation of hate. And he says his views are only natural. His racial separatism may shock you, but as he travels the country, he seems to be gaining traction. Byron pitts is there to face off with the young radical. At first glance, 22-year-old matt heinbach is a country music loving, church going, have a beer with his buddy kid who just graduated college, who looks like a friendly enough neighbor. My name is matt, how you doing? But beware. Oh, fantastic. Beneath the big smile and the folks he charms, he's been called the future of organized hate in america. And he's on a mission. Practice, practice, anti-gay. You say people of color, jews are predators. Disproportionately. They deserve a short drop with a tight rope around their neck. Should we ask third world immigrants to go home? Do you consider yourself a racist? Sure. So what? I call it natural. Being a racist is natural? Luing one's people is natural. Yes, matt loves his people and he loves his country, too. You see for him, this land is his land. I would say my ancestors have made it mine to a certain extent. But every american can make that claim. There are blacks, his panics, muslims who shed blood for this nation. But that's not unique. I would say this nation's founding -- that's just fact. The fact is matt says publicly what many may think privately. . Gay marriage shouldn't happen. He's tap into a growing and frightening discontent in america. White power! In the last decade, the number of hate groups has nearly doubled, 602 to 1007. According to the southern poverty. Matt was raid in a middle class suburb. His parents are schoolteachers. Matt readily admits they did not raise him to be a racist. People say he was raised like that. I wasn't. I was raised very, very moderate. Reporter: Has it caused tension in the family? It causes a lot of tension. Reporter: Today he's estranged from his parents and siblings. May my parents have gotten death threats. They haven't done anything. Reporter: In fact, his friend deanna was the only person from his childhood willing to speak to us on camera. Matt was always a loaner. Reporter: She remembers a smart but socially awkward boy trying to find his way and gradually becoming fascinated with race. We're all writing about cats and dogs and ponies. He's over there writing about the holocaust. Reporter: He loved history and the bible. His reading of both found a place in the world. A place of superiority. In high school he took part in re-enactments as a confederate soldier. It's the dark days of slavery he calls the good 'ol days. In the civil war, the wrong side won? We would be a lot better off if the south won. Reporter: Better off because there's a census trend showing that whites will be a minority by 2014. I see the end to this empire is fast approaching. We're racist. White power! Reporter: Matt fears white heterosexual christians have fallen pray, as he puts it, just like native americans did centuries ago. Is what happened to native americans horrible? Yeah. But that's what's happening now to whites in this country. Come on. Some place in the united states they're slaughtering white americans by the hundreds. Genocide doesn't have to be with guns and tanks and bombs. Reporter: If what he's peddling sounds familiar to you, it is. Reverse discrimination against white people. Reporter: Remember david duke? The former grand wizard of the kkk, state representative from louisiana. Duke and matt met at last year's storm front convention. Think of it as an annual retreat for white supremists where matt was a speaker. Our generation is primed for this revolution. Reporter: He's also been a guest on duke's internet radio show. This new generation that's coming up is seeing all the sacrifices that men like you and countless others made, and we're just trying to carry the torch. Reporter: Do you see a young david duke in matt? He combines honesty, sincerity and intelligence. I think he has the potential to be quite an effective leader for these ideas. Reporter: For those who would dismiss matt, who would dismiss you as men stuck in the past, you say what? I say we're the future. Reporter: And how does matt see the future? Just separate. We can still trade, get a visa. A visa to visit. Whites in the south, jews in new york, whiblacks in detroit. You get the picture. Matt is launching a nationwide college recruitment campaign. The cross is an inspiration! Reporter: He's on a cross country road trip to form -- get this -- white student unions. It started at his alma mater towson university then indiana university in bloomington. Coming up, george mason in virginia, indiana state in terra haute and american university in d.C. Every other group is allowed to love their race. There's no reason why whites shouldn't. Reporter: And what is the best interest of the white student union? We did a student of patrols b - Reporter: BECAUSE? Because of black on white crime. Towson was the safest campus in the university of maryland system. But facts don't dissuade matt from carrying on his message. Matt and his pal are gearing up for some campus recruiting. Nearly 15 years ago at this very same school, a white supremist, benjamin nathaniel smith went on a two-day shooting spree, eventually killing himself. I'll be damned if I can't come on campus and speak out in defense of what I believe in. Do you not like black people? That's a ridiculous question. I can be a member of the klan and not hate anybody. Armed with their posters and their faith, matt and his posse is ready to meet the public outside a campus bookstore. Hoping for recruits, they find resistance. Kkk, go away. You want to come and go ahead! Tired of screaming, the students use gaffer tape and water hoses to spend matt and his friends on their way. Get out of here! Reporter: When you become the most hated man on campus, that does put a strain on relationships. Both romantic and family. You say that with a smile. Most hated man on campus. It's within of those weird things where people hate me because I'm kind of like a boogie man. I go to church. Reporter: Part of the matt's success so far is his style. Almost always smiling, always pleasant. He mostly avoids offensive language like the n-word. And we noticed something. Matt spends most of his time with people of like minds. So we wondered what would happen if we brought him to the multicultural mecca, a place he's never been -- new york city. Or as he calls it, the belly of the beast. Everything I want to stop is in new york. Rter: In harlem. They're living amongst him. . Reporter: Curiosity quickly turns into confrontation. It's racist. Don't you want to be with men like yourself? I want to be be around people. It doesn't matter. Why would you want your people to fail? That's how you get stronger, that's how you build up. Reporter: With good friends aaron and elijah later we learn makes the biggest impression. Are you racist? I love my people. I want to be around people that are like myself. Why? I believe that's the way society is most productive. You believe that black people are a danger? I don't think you guys are dangerous. One of the things that made me sad, talking to those two young boys. If something were to race out in a race-based conflict, there are so many within the pro white movement who would say that those young boys basically would be targets. eporter: THEY SHOULD BE Killed? Yeah. Reporter: Killed by those more radical than matt because of the color of their skin. See, when you dig a little deeper, you learn that separation of the races will not be sufficient. Matt believes only in allout race war, an extermination campaign will quell society's problems. Don't you see how your path eventually leads to violence? God willing it won't, but some things are worth fighting

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Matt Heimbach, 22, believes the United States should go back to a time of segregation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21579344","title":"Young and Racist: White Separatist Movement's Rising Star","url":"/Nightline/video/young-racist-white-separatist-movements-rising-star-21579344"}