Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages

Part 1: Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.
10:06 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages
2,000 couples arriving at a stadium outside seal, south Korea. They are the mooneys, and name the church rejects. The mass weddings started in the '60s, with massive controversial. People need to stay away from them. And kit sicks saying the followers broke away from the family to join the religion. Now, the children of the followers make up the most of those marries today. Among them, glen and his fiance jubil jubilee. I want to be a little different. I want to stand out. We met them two months before, shopping more glen's wedding suit at a local mall in New Jersey. Looks like I have a second neck. It looks good. The church gave us access to them and others as they prepare for matrimony. Jubilee, moved to New Jersey after they were amarnged by parents. They had never laid eyes on each other before. I waited by the escalate interi saw her. We kind of looked at each other and we both smiled at each other. This is cute! I was like, it's happening! What am I going do if it doesn't work out. The first thing I said, you're actually pretty. And she said, actually? And I said, what am I going to say now? It was awkward but in a good way. ♪ Glen, who is the lead singer of an indy band, struggled for a while with his parents' faith. What was it like growing up in the unification church? It was trouble. People call it a cult. So you are very afraid that people are going to view you negatively. You see other people parties and with girls and you are kind of like, that looks really fun. The fast life. Glen's mother, Claire from Brooklyn, married Hubert from Australia. And that same year, jubilee's parents married in a mass wedding in Korea. You have pictures around the house. Is that how they are seen in the church? Not at dieties, no. But we believe that moon is the messiah. Moon's vision is to multicultural unions. How do you explain that? It's honestly a really beautiful thing. It's nice they get to be a part of such a big decision in my life. They're in the basement. Jubilee recently moved in glen's momentum. Purity will be encouraged after 40 days after the wedding. Do you feel ready? I feel ready. The most -- the emotional part of getting ready was -- the matching process for us. And I think that was, like, the big decision for me. Am I ready to do this? I would haven't gone through with it. Soon, glen's mother is traveling with the young couple to Korea. We caught up with them at a massive resort that has been taking over by couples marries in just a few days. Sleeping arrangements are pretty much the same as back home. The couples will bank here separately with same-sex roommates. This is where I sleep. Not too bad. Outside the hotel, we meet Adam from California who will marry Nina from Finland. They have spent time together twice that I have grown close. You're in love, aren't you? I think so. I think so. He embraces the church's teaching on purity, despite headlines from reverend moon. His alleged extramarital affairs a child born out of wedlock and conviction for income tax fraud. You are not bitter by the purity, chasety and all the reports? I think father was learning to become the messiah. There was no one there to teach him what to do. He went through the struggle to get to where he was on a spiritual level. Even though everything he has done his entire life, people like to take that one thing. Others we met, including the church's U.S. President, agreed. The reverend I know is a Bhan who deeply loved his wife and family. The church maintaining the importance of the marriage bond. Do people make mistakes? Yes. You are not denying he had an affa affair? I have no knowledge of that. But is it working for them? It is. And that is why they continue to come. Unification says there are 3 million members worldwide. Critics say no more than 100,000. That entire bag is a big wedding dress? Have a curling iron. Also arriving from the states, Naomi from Florida and songwon from Pennsylvania. We first met them back in Philadelphia where songwon's congregation threw a party for them. I have prepared a song for you. And nerves, cameras. ♪ I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky I'll be there ♪ In the time you spent together, has there been any hand holding? No. Hugging? Yeah. No kissing? No. Do you feel like you're in love? I do. Do you feel like you're in love? Not yet. Not yet. I know that you are going to take care of each other as husband and me. The romantic in me is sad that you are engaged to a man you're not no love with. Right, first comes love and first comes marriage. And people get married and fall out of love. Why can't it happen backwards? Now in the lobby in the hotel that I are making last minute preparations before the big day. Do you feel you are grown closer? I do, definitely. Is there anything in your brain that says, what if there isn't right? Of course. There is some doubt. Butst a commitment you made, I chose and I did decide to do it. We can create a good life together and god is leading us in a great direction. When I asked you before are you in love, are you in love now? I don't know what that means? You still don't know. Well, you have 12 hours. No I'm fine. We're in is, we're doing it. A few hours later, hair and makeup begins. With 12 2,000 brides, it's a marathon. Appointments go in the evening and through the night, which means some girls sleep in their salon hair and others don't sleep at all. Naomi rushes to meet songwon in the lobby where all the couples are gathering. How do you feel? Kind of like, surreal. We are all in wedding dresses. What did you think when you first laid eyes on your bride? We all started clapping. Couples line up for the buses. It's like a field trip this suits and gowns. Complete with bag the lunches mmpl some were matched just days ago in a special care V ceremony. One couple hasn't been able to communicate from that moment. From you from? Coat devoi. And you are for? Can you speak Japanese? No, no French. How long is you known each other? Three days. You met three days ago. You have a lot of faith. Where will you live after you get married? We don't know. You don't know.

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"Part 1: Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23309522","title":"Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages","url":"/Nightline/video/young-unification-church-members-prepare-arranged-marriages-23309522"}