When YouTube Stars Fall in Love

Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans' relationship plays out in front of the world through their videos.
6:51 | 01/13/15

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Transcript for When YouTube Stars Fall in Love
Perhaps it's inevitable in our oversharing culture that there are some couples willing to share every detail of their life and love with millions of viewers. And no, we're not talking about "The bachelor." Tonight you're about to meet self-made youtube reality stars who figured out the secret formula for turning their love stories into profit. Here's ABC's David Wright. Will you accept this rose? Reporter: "The bachelor" is by no means the only one whose love life is on full display. Now on youtube there are noteworthy examples of people who star in their own homemade reality shows. You wanted a story -- We got a story for you. Reporter: Case in point, Colleen Ballenger and josh Evans. They're? Branton, Missouri. It's josh's birthday. They've been dating for five years. And, you guessed it, josh is about to pop the question. The proposal captured for posterity on video. Will you marry me? Yes, of course. Reporter: And posted to youtube. 2,600,000 views and counting. You guys make a living at this? We do. I have a tour so there's some income from that. Then on youtube there's ad revenue. Stop! Reporter: There are some things you won't see on their youtube channel. So weird. What about sex? What about sex? Do we see it? No! Absolutely. It's not that kind of a channel, my god. Reporter: But their channels are hugely successful. Colleen and josh have 500 million views between them. Sometimes I like to take baths -- Reporter: She has two youtube personalities. Appearing as her wacky alter ego myrrh ran dashes other times as herself. Look how wild she is. Reporter: Miranda was featured on "Comedians in cars getting coffee," jerry seinfeld's online comedy show. Are we going to give the interview after the coffee? This is the interview. You haven't even asked me any questions. Reporter: Josh is a rising star on youtube. ? a singer and a personality. Back of the head just like blogging -- Reporter: Known as Joshua dutown with a huge following of his own. This is a marriage or a merger? This is a marriage. It's a marriage. I mean, it's real. We just happen to be putting it all on the internet for everyone to watch. Reporter: Much of their life vlogged, video blogged, right here from this room. ? At the end of the every video I do I say, be nice to people. Be nice to people. Be nice to people. Be nice to people. And it's become this thing that's taken off. Put it on shirts, now all these kids are walking around town wearing a "Be nice to people" shirt. You keep saying kids. Uh-huh. Who are these kids? The mass majority of our audience is 13 to 21. Reporter: Those young viewers get a front row seat for the romance, the intimacy, and the occasional conflict that comes with any love story. It's so disgusting. Reporter: We are at the L.A. County museum as they shoot their engagement photos, blogging the whole time. I've got to ask, we're in this romantic setting. But he stalked you on Facebook? He stalked me. He saw my videos on youtube. And my Miranda videos. I fell in love with Miranda. That should be a warning sign. I'm going to have to red flag this. Now we're true best friends. He's like, there's got to be more to this. He found videos of me my myself with my sister on my Facebook page. He stalked me on Facebook a little bit. Stalking is a harsh word, I think. I looked into her. Reporter: They actually vlogged their first date. Have you ever posted that anywhere? No we were waiting until -- It's a "Nightline" exclusive. We will be getting married once I get a ring. She says, my god, yes. Reporter: In an era when traditional soap operas like "All my children" have bit the dust, this is where people are turning for serialized romance. It's not a small audience. How many followers at this point? A lot. On my channel, on my two channels collectively, there's 4 million. There's a lot of eyes, a lot of people who are interested in different parts of your life. Reporter: Try vlogging with them at an L.A. Shopping mall as we did. In 30 seconds you'll see, sure enough, some high school kids recognized them. Josh and Colleen are in good company. The internet's biggest star cutie pie's other half goes by cutie pie. They're out there vlogging too. Anthony Padilla just broke off his relationship with another popular youtuber. They explained their separation in this video. We are no longer together. Yep. A I know a lot of people are probably shocked, obviously. Give them a moment, sweetheart. Reporter: Some take it a step further. Putting their whole family into the mix. We're here at the park. Audrey is apparently in charge. She told me I can't ride that. How come you get to ride that but I can't ride on it? Can I ride now? No, dad. Reporter: Britney and Austin were inspired to start vlogging, at it for five years through the birth of their children. A lot of people watch because of the kids. They like to see them grow up. They see them come into the world, like they're part of the family. Cool and a little weird. I love how you and your sister pop up right away. That white noise goes off, boom. Reporter: Vlogging is a full-time job for them. Parents, take note, they get to be with the kids full-time and make a pretty good living. I used to get super offended when people are like, you aren't doing this right. Now I realize people mean well most of the time. I'm David at the L.A. County museum of art with Colleen Ballenger and josh -- Hey, guys. They're going to teach me how to rvlog. Reporter: They showed me dos and don'ts of vlogging. My arm is a little bit sore, that's an occupational hazard. I'm against cell people. Reporter: Richer or poorer, better or worse, happily ever after, so they hope. If worse come to worst, who gets the followers? I'll take them. I'll take on the responsibility. Is there a prenup? No, no. Prenup with followers? No! Maybe. I'm kidding. I'm taking them. Reporter: One thing's for certain. They'll keep us posted. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans' relationship plays out in front of the world through their videos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"28184605","title":"When YouTube Stars Fall in Love","url":"/Nightline/video/youtube-stars-fall-love-28184605"}