Ziggy Marley on Relationship With Father, Music

Bob Marley's son talks about his childhood and growing up in Rastafari culture.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ziggy Marley on Relationship With Father, Music
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- What you decided not to goal for the in -- Lee and use music instead -- Five. Whatever you know yet that's a woman who -- -- I'm not mean he wasn't my father was -- like. He was that I kind of womanizer a -- I would Kremlin if you definitely it was like when his girlfriend -- I would. That it had. -- -- who know -- but it was very it will open. Among the new -- to do everybody -- -- you think she was hurting inside of course I mean I mean of course as it because -- a little bit they're coming from the scene. -- -- These are pieces moment of -- five -- -- from nothing. Not being -- did the struggle together. China -- records -- have a bun these are brick. Within mileage -- whatever it was part of his ambition to get himself and you guys. Have -- yet. Yeah I mean American -- that mine. You want to provide -- -- you want to have a -- your income is that I -- during that journey. People even a -- who -- And and the mission to Q1 -- -- -- -- -- You're obviously you know great musician and her own right but you have this father who. -- as you see with this timeless. Music I mean have you ever -- tried to kind of struggled. To sort of get rid of that to try and -- -- -- rather than. You know army. You have been -- -- -- was younger -- war. On this even -- -- -- slightly. What would get -- Understand the relationship. Between. Five and music and music and me. He is did something that works together. I'm hopeful conflict. And why. I am -- even more no you told luckiest. Well of course I mean what what is what is what. I mean I don't know what we -- and I don't because -- here and here -- can touch you got. That is only we -- Afghanistan. -- he's kind. -- That follow us you know we'll we'll -- -- that we'll. You know quote we can justify. And I might says. I've studied. Many different ideas. -- one. -- -- -- -- -- beings understand indeed.

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{"id":17020375,"title":"Ziggy Marley on Relationship With Father, Music","duration":"3:00","description":"Bob Marley's son talks about his childhood and growing up in Rastafari culture.","url":"/Nightline/video/ziggy-marley-relationship-father-music-17020375","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}