— -- While Mainers are leaning towards Obama, the Pine Tree State is moderate and fiercely independent; not necessarily a sure bet for the candidate.

Maine has voted Democratic in the last four election with John Kerry winning by nine percent over George Bush. But the state- who's motto is- "I lead," has always been more open to voting for independent and third party candidates.

Maine has had two independent governors recently. Angus King, who served from 1995 to 2003 and James B. Longley who served from 1975 to 1972. And in 2002 the Green Party candidate won nine percent of the vote for the gubernatorial election, one of the party's highest turnout for a statewide office.

In the Democratic primary Obama beat Clinton 59 to 40 percent and McCain did not do well against the former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who's fellow New Englanders turned out for him 52 percent over McCain's 22 percent.

Besides Nebraska, Maine is the only other state that divides their electoral votes, rather than letting the winner take all. However, the votes have never actually been split.